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Circuit breakers Bulletin 1492-MC circuit breakers may be sized to protect wiring and associated equipment from 10A to 100A at 120/240V and 240V. The circuit breakers are DIN-rail-mounted and designed for industrial control applications. They comply with UL 489 and CSA 22.2 No. 5.1 regulations.Rockwell AutomationCircle 200 Switchgear Available in 15kV or 25kV models, the free-standing PMX modular

Circuit breakers

Bulletin 1492-MC circuit breakers may be sized to protect wiring and associated equipment from 10A to 100A at 120/240V and 240V. The circuit breakers are DIN-rail-mounted and designed for industrial control applications. They comply with UL 489 and CSA 22.2 No. 5.1 regulations.
Rockwell Automation
Circle 200


Available in 15kV or 25kV models, the free-standing PMX modular metal-enclosed switchgear modules can be joined together by bus through bushings to form lineups. Modules may contain a switch with power fuses, metering, or a cable entrance, and they can be furnished for common-bus source transfer and remote supervisory applications. They feature live-front construction with directly accessible fuses and terminal connections in the front or in back of the unit. Each enclosure door is interlocked with the manual operating handle or switch operator to prevent access to the fuses unless the switch is in the open position.
S&C Electric
Circle 211

Acrylic optical rod

The LuxauraT light guide is an acrylic optical rod lit by LEDs. Users can choose its diameter, length, shape, and color. It's low-voltage and waterproof.
Circle 213

Control indicator module

This control indicator module (CIM) features SCADA interface for remote control and monitoring of power circuit breakers and reclosers. The CIM combines multiple functions to accept signals from protective relays, and it can be used online with as many as 32 separate computer workstations or printers. Its front panel has red, green, and amber LEDs that indicate breaker trip coil operation, trip signals and their sources, and the status of both the external reclose relay and the interface SCADA. The module comes in vertical or horizontal configurations, and it uses less than 13 sq in. of panel space.
Circle 214

Circuit breaker

Masterpact low arc flash circuit breakers provide protection for overcurrent and arc flash. The circuit breaker's blow-open design clears faults to provide arc flash protection at the lower current levels often associated with arc flash incidents. They also feature a quick-open design to blow open the terminal to interrupt the circuit, which allows the breaker to go into accelerated opening at about 30kA. The terminal is shaped so there's a reverse current loop in the moving arm, which provides an opening time of 9 ms at 200kA. The breaker also houses a filtered arc chute that contains an assembly of metallic grids and meshes that reduce the gases released during an interruption. The grids de-ionize and cool the emissions to reduce the volume of vented gas and absorb as much as 95% of the energy.
Schneider Electric/Square D
Circle 206


The E 30 enclosure provides ingress protection as high as IP 66. The bright orange enclosure is constructed of halogen-free polyester, and a stainless steel terminal rail-supporting frame mounts terminals and cables under extreme heat conditions. High-temperature ceramic feed-through terminals and cable glands or conduit hubs are also available. The enclosure meets the requirements for fire certification in accordance with DIN 4102 part 12.
Rose+Bopla Enclosures
Circle 201

Inventory management system

The Oasis Pro is a PC-based Internet inventory management, tracking, and ordering system. The software is integrated with this manufacturer's internal ordering system. Users can scan the material to be dispensed with a PDA and bar code inventory and sync the information back into the system. It's also capable of managing non-company related material, including generation of purchase orders to third-party vendors.
GE Supply
Circle 205

Transfer switch

The Qwikswitch single-phase transfer switch system maintains continuous power to control systems in utilities, conventional UPS systems, generators, and battery banks. The switch system is available in rack-mount or wall-mount configurations and in sizes from 25A to 300A. It features a terminal block for remote status, a non-resettable counter, and load limit lock.
Power Distribution Incorporated
Circle 209

Fire alarm panel

Designed for schools, health-care facilities, strip malls, motels, and office buildings, the FS-250 fire alarm control panel supports 252 addressable inputs and 252 signal/relay outputs. The panel is polarity insensitive, and it's able to operate on standard wire with no special twist or shield required, allowing existing systems to be upgraded without installing new wire for the addressable loop. It's programmable from the front keypad or through Windows-based PC programming software.
Siemens Building Technologies
Circle 210

Copper compression products

The Pan-Lug power and grounding connector line has been expanded to include 1,500 new copper compression products. The copper HTAP and clear cover system with a slotted design contributes to wire pullout performance, while the snap-on clear cover allows 360° inspection of the crimped connection. Other new products in the line include copper in-line reducing splices, copper CTAPs, and lugs for 8 AWG-777.7 kcmil flex wire. The copper compression lugs and splices meet NEBS Level 3 requirements.
Circle 207

Project planning software

Clip Project 5.1 project planning software now includes products from this manufacturer's Trabtech surge protector line, modular I/O and PC-based control products, Interface signal level matching products, and terminal blocks and accessories. The program generates a dimensionally accurate picture of a DIN-rail assembly that users can then print out with a bill of materials with all products, bridges, and markers. The finished assemblies can be transferred into a CAD program or saved as a Word or Excel file.
Phoenix Contact
Circle 208

Connector system

With a molded-to-cable design, the MG2 Highmast connector system prevents moisture and contaminants from reaching the inside of the connectors, even when submersed in 6 ft of water. The system is made with an O-ring construction on the pin that makes it a completely submersible system when mated or capped. It's flame-retardant and able to withstand abusive environments.
Circle 212

Indoor/outdoor cable

Freedm One plenum-rated cable is designed for all indoor/outdoor local area network applications. The cable features a tight-buffered design that's suitable for all building and campus network cabling. The fully waterproof, dry-core cable with standard 900 micron buffered fiber prevents the need for entrance transition splices or rigid metallic conduit for routing through plenum-rated spaces. As a result, users are able to use one cable for the entire cable run. The cable is available with all multimode and single-mode fiber types, like 10 Gigabit-capable laser-optimized 50 micron fiber, in counts of six, 12, and 24.
Corning Communications
Circle 216

Battery monitoring system

The modular LVIRA system provides real-time battery monitoring. The system uses impedance measurement data and software trend analysis to identify weak batteries, which allows users to replace the battery before a system failure.
Circle 204

Fire alarm Web service

The NOTI•FIRE•NET Web server gives facility managers remote access to their fire alarm control panels. Users can link to the Internet using a secure password and user access record to connect to single or multiple fire alarm control panels with a network module.
Circle 215

Power generators

This line of power generators comprises 13 models with power outputs from 20kVA to 406kVA. All models simultaneously deliver single- and 3-phase outputs. Single-phase outputs of 120V, 127V, 139V, 240V, 254V, and 277V are standard, and 3-phase outputs are available in 208V, 220V, 240V, 416V, 440V, 480V, and 600V. The power side of the control panel includes a main breaker, two GFCI duplex receptacles, and depending on the model, two or three temporary twistlock receptacles. The generators are powered by diesel engines that can last as long as 78 hr at 75% load on a single tank of fuel. Single- or double-wall spill containment tanks hold internal fueling.
Circle 203

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