July 2005 Products of the Week

July 2005 Products of the Week

Circuit Protector

The remote transducer protector (RTP) 3034 uses a hybrid, 3-stage clamping circuit to protect sensitive transducers from transient currents with minimal added loop resistance. The device provides common- and differential-mode transient protection for two-wire transducers and features a maximum surge rating of 20kA 8/20ms. It can be installed in a “T” configuration or in line and supports line currents as high as 145mA for protection of 24VDC-powered transducers.


For more information, visit www.erico.com.

Utility locator

The RIDGID SeekTech SR-20 uses multi-directional antennas, a mapping display, and active and passive modes to help users locate underground utilities. The locator also traces transmitted frequencies and searches for other metallic lines that might be present. The mapping display shows target line direction and changes in direction as they occur, left-right guidance arrows, signal strength, and a proximity number that increases as distance to the target decreases.

Ridge Tool

For more information, visit www.ridgid.com.

Fluorescent lamp recycling system

Designed for 4-ft and 8-ft fluorescent lamps, u-bent lamps, HID lamps, shielded lamps, dry cell batteries, lighting ballasts, thermostats, computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment, the LampTracker Mercury VaporLok system is a containment and shipping system for recycling fluorescent bulbs. The multi-layer TriGuard containers include a foil bag to eliminate seepage. The system has an online tracking feature that allows users to arrange shipping and track containers that have been ordered, recycled, or that are outstanding to ensure compliance. The tracking system also allows users to identify non-compliance within their facility and take corrective action.

Mercury Waste Solutions

For more information, visit www.mwsi.com.

Accounting dispatch software

Designed by contractors,Total Office Manager accounting dispatch software is for companies that do service work and utility fleet management. The software can create appointments, work orders, audit trails, a general journal, purchase orders, job costing, flat rate pricing, proposals, estimates, and payroll.

Easy Street

For more information, visit www.totalofficemanager.com.

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