October 2006 Products of the Week

October 2006 Products of the Week

Dual wall bracket

One dual side box support wall bracket is designed to do the work of two traditional wall brackets. The dual wall bracket can mount up to three 4 in. or 4 11/16 in. square deep boxes facing opposite directions in 16 in. stud spacing and four boxes in 25 in. stud spacing. It features built-in tabs for 3 ½ in. and 6-in. wall depths as well as a stamped ruler on both sides and continuous 3 3/2 in pilot holes, ¼-in. on center. The brackets come with wide wings with ¼-in pilot holes on each side to mount to studs, allowing brackets to be moved up to ½-in. left or right to allow installation when studs are not exactly 16 in. and 24 in. on center.

SP Products

For more information, visit www.spproducts.com.

Slug ejectors

The Qk-Saw hole saw slug ejection system is designed to make drilling a hole with a hole saw more efficient. The ejector’s stainless steel compression spring is designed to compress during drilling and pop the slug out when the cut is complete. The slug ejectors are available in the following packages: 7/8-in. slug ejector and ¼-in. HS pilot drill (2 7/8-in. long); 11/8 in. slug ejector and ¼-in. HS pilot drill (3 1/8 in. long); and 1 3/8 in. slug ejector and ¼-in. HS pilot drill (2 7/8-in. long). The company also sells a value pack with all three packages included.


For more information, visit www.qksaw.com.

Modular wiring systems

The MODEX line of modular wiring systems is designed for commercial construction to allow for clean, quick, and easy onsite installation. These pre-fabricated systems consist of complete, custom wiring assemblies to eliminate the need for the assembly of components at the jobsite by skilled labor. Delivered in pre-packaged units to the jobsite when needed, they are UL and C-UL listed.

Alcan Cable

For more information, visit www.cable.alcan.com.

Cable tie installation tool

The Ty-Rap cable tie installation tool is designed to ease user fatigue with features including an adjustable grip span and an anti-recoil cut-off mechanism that reduces vibration when installing cable ties. The tool also includes variable tension settings, a high-low handle force mode, and interchangeable tool heads that cover the 18-lb to 120-lb range of cable ties. Its 360° rotating nose eliminates the need to twist the tool when the cable tie orientation is rotated.

Thomas & Betts

For more information, visit www.tnb.com.

Work boot

The CarbonX safety-toe work boot is available in mid-cut, plain-toe, or mid- and low-cut athletic models. The work boot uses carbon-fiber technology to provide the same protection as a steel-toe, but at half the weight. The boots are non-conductive to electricity, resist extreme cold and heat, and are available in a variety of colors and men’s sizes, including medium sizes from 7 to 14 and extra wide sizes from 7 to 13.


For more information, visit www.wolverinebootsandshoes.com.

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