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Flash Fire Burns Electrician at Home Depot

Flash Fire Burns Electrician at Home Depot

The victim was burned on both of his arms.

Last month, an electrician was burned while working on an electrical panel in a Seguin, Texas, Home Depot. The Seguin Fire Chief said the 52-year-old man was working on an electrical panel in the store at the time, according to a report in the Seguin Gazette.

“He was screwing something into the panel and it arced, causing a flash fire, burning the victim and effectively shutting down the power for the entire store,” the Fire Chief said. The victim was reported to have been burned on both arms.

“The EMS report said he had first degree, second degree and possibly third degree burns on his arms,” he said. “He was not electrocuted. He was only coated in flash burn.” The victim was transported to Guadalupe Regional Medical Center for treatment. The arc caused a small fire in the electrical panel that fire crews were able to quickly douse, [the fire chief] said...(Seguin Gazette)

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