James White

Director of Training, Shermco Industries, Inc.

James R. (Jim) White has been the training director of Shermco Industries, Inc., in Irving, Texas since 2001. He is a certified electrical safety compliance professional (CESCP) through the NFPA and one of approximately 130 Level IV senior certified technicians through NETA. A principal member for Shermco Industries on the NFPA Technical Committee “Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance” (NFPA 70B), he represents the interNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) and is also an alternate member of NFPA Technical Committee “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace” (NFPA 70E), a principal representative of NEC Code Making Panel CMP-13, and principal representative of ASTM F18 Committee “Electrical Protective Equipment For Workers.” White is a senior member of IEEE and past chairman (2008) of the IEEE Electrical Safety Workshop. In 2011, he received the IEEE/PCIC “Electrical Safety Excellence” award, and in 2013 he was honored with NETA’s “Outstanding Achievement Award.” 

James’s Recent activity