ECM 2015 Top 40 Electrical Design Firm Locations
<p>EC&amp;M 2015 Top 40 Electrical Design Firm Locations</p>

2015 Top 40 Electrical Design Firms Map

See where the key players in the electrical design industry are located and how they rank by 2014 total&nbsp;electrical design revenue

To highlight EC&M 's 2015 Top 40 Electrical Design firms, we've created an interactive map for your convenience. It allows you to easily click on any of the key players on this year's list and immediately see the firm's location, total electrical design revenue from 2014, and corresponding ranking. 

To use this map, click on a marker of interest. (Note: You may find it easier to expand the map and then zoom in and out. To do this, just click on the "frame" icon on the right side of the black bar at the top of the map.) The top 10 firms are designated with a red star while firms 11 through 40 appear with a blue circle.

When you lay the data down on a map, one trend that jumped out at the EC&M staff was the fact that only one of the top 10 firms this year was located on the East or West Coasts. Instead, the majority of the leading firms in this year's ranking call the middle of the country home. In fact, several of them are located in the Midwest.

For more information on the Top 10 design firms, check out this Photo Gallery, read the full Top 40 Special Report, or click on the Full List of firms in PDF form.

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