PQ Newsbeat - Jun 11th, 2024
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This year's Top 40 Electrical Design Firms managed to squeeze out revenue growth despite economic uncertainly. Reporting a combined electrical design revenue total of $4.447 billion in 2023 (the full year of data that the 2024 survey results are based on), respondents managed to come in 13% higher as a collective group than the year before. See some...
With a push from a National Electrical Code revision, a federal ruling, new federal infrastructure legislation, and a closely watched demonstration project due to come online, the door to a new frontier of microgrids in the health care market may be slowly cracking open in 2024.
Having and using the proper tool for the job is always the tradesperson's main objective when working a project. Power quality (PQ) monitoring is no different. When I began my career in this field, it was easy to set up a PQ monitor and let it record for two weeks, hoping to capture data.
Most facilities are aware of the electrical disturbances that occur on the electric utility side of the meter, as they are the recipients of these events. Voltage transients are caused by electric utility capacitors switching on or off, reclosers testing in and out, and foreign objects briefly brushing the power lines.
In Episode 36 of “EC&M Asks,” a video series featuring subject matter experts (SMEs) answering reader-submitted questions regarding popular electrical topics, Ryan Mayfield, founder and SME of Mayfield Renewables, discusses how to apply the 120% rule in the PV industry. He explains how to make a solar interconnection to a subpanel by applying this ...
Randy Barnett covers five topics to help understand the practical side of complying with the new maintenance requirement for electrical equipment.
Ellen Parson, editor-in-chief of EC&M, sits down with electrical testing expert Ron Widup at the PowerTest 24 Conference, held in late February in Dalla s and sponsored by the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA). This quick chat not only highlights turnout at this year’s event and feedback from attendees, but also outlines key initiatives...
Check out the latest edition of our “Editor’s Choice: Top Product Picks” gallery. This month highlights the industry's latest product innovations chosen by the editors of EC&M. Click through the following six slides to see the latest and greatest products from various categories, such as circuit breakers, outdoor power enclosures, work gloves, connectors...
New research from McKinsey & Co. and the Department of Labor speak from different angles to growing construction industry unease about the ability to recruit, replace, hire, and retain qualified workers.

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Mark Lamendola shares best practices for how to bring hidden maintenance errors out of hiding. Learn about an eight-step process that will prevent PMs from accidentally reducing equipment reliability.
In last month’s column, I addressed the question of what harmonics is and why you should care. In this installment of our multi-part series on power quality topics, we’ll move on to how to identify, monitor, diagnose, and deal with harmonics in electrical power systems.
In Episode 46, Ellen Parson had the chance to sit down one of the authors of FMI's 2023 Labor Productivity Study to discuss how the ongoing workforce shortage continues to plague the nation's construction industry. Tyler Paré, who leads FMI's Performance practice, dissects the most important data/trends and shares how contractors can establish sound...
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