Zhaga Moves to Promote Interchangeable LED Modules and Drivers Image courtesy of Zhaga Consortium

Zhaga Moves to Promote Interchangeable LED Modules and Drivers

The Zhaga Consortium, which develops specifications for interchangeable LED light engines, will aim to enable LED modules and drivers that are independently interchangeable.

The Zhaga Consortium, an international organization set up to provide global standards that promote interchangability of LED light engines, has decided to pursue making the individual LED modules and drivers - the parts which make up a light engine - interchangeable as well.

In an announcement last week, the group said it would produce future editions of its interface specifications (which it calls "Books") to include references to specifications that define the module-driver electrical interface [link goes to a PDF press release], a facet of light-engine design and construction that Zhaga has previously excluded.

Since Zhaga's formation four years ago, the group said in the announcement, technical solutions have emerged that make it possible to define module-driver interfaces for specific application types without limiting innovation in LED module and driver technology.

“The Zhaga Consortium believes that now is the right time to develop specifications for the  module-driver interface and enable independent interchangeability of LED modules and LED drivers,” said Musa Unmehopa, who will replace Menno Treffers as Secretary General of the Zhaga Consortium on April 1, 2014.

Zhaga's work on this begins with a search for other organizations interested in developing interface specifications, the group said.

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