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Retrofit Luminaire Kits

The updated Everline LRA4P LED Retrofit Strip Assembly from Universal Lighting Technologies is designed for applications such as parking garages, retail stores, commercial office buildings, schools, and industrial facilities. The product line includes kits for 4-ft and 8-ft strip luminaires. The 4-ft kit comes in five lumen packages ranging from 3,000 lm to 7,000 lm, while the 8-ft kit is available in six packages ranging from 5,000 lm to 11,500 lm. Both kits are field-programmable via the “Touch to Tune” app with the installed EVERLINE PW Driver, allowing app distributors to tune the drivers locally when necessary to customize light levels within defined limits. The 4½-in.-wide product is universally compatible with a variety of fluorescent strip luminaires, making it suitable for most retrofit solutions. Featuring one or two 4-ft strip fixture panels with Everline LED lensed modules connected to a pre-mounted 0V to 10V dimming driver, the installation kit installs directly into many fixtures using existing mounting locations but also contains flexible mounting brackets to expand application use.


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