Author Guidlines

Author Guidlines

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Power Quality Assurance

Magazine addresses engineers and managers on quality and reliability of electrical and electronic products or systems. The entire scope of interaction from power generation, distribution and through utilization is covered. Emphasis is placed on keeping systems operational at satisfactory levels for today's increasingly sophisticated electrical and electronic requirements.

Information Content

Technical articles should provide information for facility, plant and utility engineers and managers focusing on quality and reliability of electrical power. The article may discuss a problem, or a solution to improve the quality and reliability of electrical power from the generator through the distribution system to utilization at the load. Therefore, the technical articles submitted to the magazine must address at least one of these topics. We ask that the articles be clear of sales pitches; we have found that "salesy" articles can actually be counter-productive, so please keep to the technical facts.

General Article Details - Text

Technical articles must conform to the following:

  • Include author(s) name and company, address, e-mail, phone and fax.

  • Electronic Submissions, 1200-1500 words.

  • If you are using references, please list them at the end.

  • Submit article in electronic format that is MSWord for Windows compatible.

  • List figure caption(s) after the references.

  • Please do not format your document to look like the magazine's layout.

General Article Details - Figures

  • Figures should be on separate pages and NOT embedded in the document.

  • Each figure/photo must have a caption.

  • When submitting figure(s) electronically use one of the following formats: TIFF, EPS, PSD, DWG, or WMF

  • Figure(s) must correlate to and be referenced in the text.

Writing Style

We try to maintain the writing style of the author; however, we must sometimes edit the material to enhance clarity. The most important characteristic of the material should be a smooth flow of information presented in a logical manner.


Please proof your article the day you receive the typeset version back from us. Please send any corrections back to us immediately via fax or overnight carrier. Some times we will redraw figures and equations, so double check them thoroughly.

Send Articles To:

Andy Van Sciver
Power Quality Assurance Magazine
9800 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66212

When Will It Be Published?

It is hard to say when or if an article will be published. Subjects for most articles are set in our editorial calendar for the year and we try to maintain this schedule. However, articles with new and significant concepts usually get published quickly, regardless of the editorial schedule.


If you have any questions contact Andy Van Sciver at [email protected] or call 913-967-1917.

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