Kirk Key Type FF interlock safeguard

Interlock safeguard

Brass lock housing and cylinder ¾-in travel with ½-in. stainless steel lock bolt 7-pin tumbler key design

The Type FF reduced-size mechanical bolt interlock for smaller stature breakers helps ensure workers follow a predetermined sequence of operation to safely access electrical switchgear. Manufactured with a brass lock housing and cylinder, the device features a ¾-in travel with a smaller diameter ½-in. stainless steel lock bolt. The 7-pin tumbler key design is unique to the company and is not available commercially. In addition, the product measures 2 in. × 1¼ in. and is generally flat or face mounted with ¼-in. mounting bolts through the front of the housing. The reduced footprint is approximately 50% smaller and nearly 60% lighter than the company’s Standard Duty Series Type F model.

Kirk Key

For more information, visit the company website.

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