LED Waves Midtown 21 LED recessed luminaire

LED recessed luminaire

ETL-approved for dry and damp locations, the Midtwon 2.1 LED recessed luminaire offers a 35,000-hr life.

The Midtown 2.1 LED recessed luminaire is ETL-approved for dry and damp locations. Comparable to a 50W halogen downlight in brightness, the luminaire is made in the USA using Cree XT-E LEDs. A heat sink design increases air flow and relieves stress on the electronics, which the company says results in a 35,000-hr life. Features include a line voltage LED driver for easy installation in a ceiling, a Gimbal ring that allows users to swivel the light source from -30° to +30° degrees, and lead wires from the LED fixture to the LED driver that are approximately 14  in. long.

LED Waves

For more information, visit www.ledwaves.com.

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