Green Light Integrated Switching Panel

Switching panel

Designed for smaller lighting systems Supports up to eight circuits of lighting loads Works with the company’s keypads

The Green Light Integrated Switching Panel (GL-IPAC-SW8) is designed for smaller lighting systems. Supporting up to eight circuits of lighting loads, the panel features inputs for keypads, occupancy sensors, and photo sensors, plus an LCD display for easy system setup. The compact product integrates with Crestron automation solutions, enabling users to centrally monitor and remotely control lights in multiple locations. In addition, the device accommodates up to 64 switched loads, 16 local and two remote keypads, 24 occupancy and 24 photo sensors, eight contact closures, one override input, and 100 time clock events. Designed to work with the company’s keypads with as many as 12 buttons each, it can be programmed to control lighting loads and other functions.


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