Conduit Bending

Benfield Conduit Bending Manual


Now in its tenth printing, author Jack Benfield explains the art of conduit bending in clear non technical language. The Benfield manual includes basic non-technical formulas and tables that unlock the secrets of pinpointing bending. Using simple formulas, tables and diagrams, this method works with any make of bending tool found on any job.

Benfield Wrote the Book on Bending

"This book is a must for the beginning conduit bender. Jack Benfield invented the EMT bender and has taught conduit bending since the 1930s. The simple mathematical approach is how I taught conduit bending with the help of this book at a high school trade school and it works. I highly recommend this book for the person that wants to make precision bends in a competitive time frame." - Customer Review, Barnes & Noble Books

Table of Contents

  1. Bending 90 degree Stub-ups
  2. All About Offsets
  3. Back-to-Back Bends
  4. Utilizing the Gain
  5. Three and Four Bend Saddles
  6. Bending with Hickeys - Variable Radius Bends for Concentric Conduit Runs
  7. Rolling Offsets and 90 degree Compound Bends
  8. Keeping Conduit Runs On-The-Flat at Ceiling Corners and Over-The-Top
  9. Electrical Conduit in Concrete slabs, Shifting EMT Stubs, etc.
  10. Removing Bends in 1/2 in. EMT
  11. Bending Surface Metal Molding
  12. Bending PVC Conduit
  13. Using Benfield Formulas and Symbols with Chicago Ratchet-Type, Hydraulic or Electrically Powered Benders
  14. Hand Bender Types Described
    (A) Two Position Foot-Pedal Benders
    (B) Rigid Conduit and IMC Benders
    (C) Combination Benders
    (D) Handles for Benders and Hickeys
  15. A Review of Conduit Bending Tips
  16. General Bending Information of Value
  17. Summary


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