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Autopsy Confirms North Carolina Woman and Her Daughter Were Electrocuted

Faulty air conditioner to blame

Officials ruled a 30-year-old North Carolina woman and her nine-year-old daughter died from electrocution from a faulty air conditioner (A/C), according to a news report from WITN-TV.

A recently released autopsy revealed that Kendra Pittman and daughter Siiyahh died on Aug. 10, 2018, from electrocution while staying at the Economy Inn Hotel and Suites in Rocky Mount, N.C.

While at the extended stay motel, the room’s A/C stopped working. The father of the family left to pay rent and inform the front desk that the air conditioner wasn’t functioning.

The desk clerk checked and reset the breaker. When the father returned to the room he could hear the A/C running and his 10-year-old son shouting through the door. The son warned his father not to touch the door and that his mother had been shocked.

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