The Electric Vehicle Technician Education Council

EVTEC Unleashes the Future of Global Electrification at SEMA

Nov. 6, 2023
The Electric Vehicle Technician Education Council debuts its Level 1 EV Technician Standards at 2023 SEMA show.

The Electric Vehicle Technician Education Council (EVTEC) officially debuts its Level 1 EV Technician Standards at the 2023 SEMA Show, hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center's central hall.

Vision: EVTEC’s Vision is to create the global standards for EV Technician education, EV product safety, and EV retrofits and builds.

Mission: EVTEC’s mission is to provide a safe and equitable path to global electrification with uniform safety standards for EV products and training.

The 2023 Certified Electric Vehicle Technician Standards define foundational knowledge and skills necessary for success in EV-related fields. These standards, meticulously crafted, are categorized into seven pivotal ideas and eight essential skills, constructing an exhaustive framework for EV Technician literacy.

Championing Change: Legacy EV’s Role in Shaping the New Era of EVs EVTEC’s Board consists of executives and educators from across the EV, automotive, and education segments including:

  • Ampere EV
  • APP
  • Electrified Garage
  • E-Muscle Cars
  • Fellten
  • Hypercraft
  • Legacy EV
  • ReVolt Systems, Inc.
  • St. Clair College
  • Vale Training Center
  • Wrenchology 

At the origin of EVTEC, Mavrick Knoles, Legacy EV President and a former educator, wanted to provide a tool to drive uniform programs and global adoption of standardized EV Technician learning outcomes. So, Legacy EV extracted the core concepts they were teaching in their curriculum and assessed the skills they were practicing in their EV R&D shop to develop the first draft of EV Technician Standards. Then, he and his team of curriculum specialists assembled 12 industry-leading companies to join the EVTEC Board, provide peer review, and help drive the adoption of standards and create uniformity in EV technology and training around the industry for a global talent pipeline.

“As the number of EV’s on the road continues to increase, it's crucial that we not only have education in place to support that growth, but also cohesive, industry-backed standards to ensure technicians, no matter where they were trained, know and understand the fundamentals of EV technology,” said Mavrick Knoles, president of Legacy EV, and EVTEC governing board director. “EVTEC will only ever create industry lead training and product standards, it will let the education companies and schools provide the training, and the manufacturers provide the products. However, it is the standards that will ensure the transition to electrification is both safe and rooted in equitable best practices.”

EVTEC emphasizes hands-on, skills-based learning to foster innovation and problem-solving among students. Practical training equips them with proficiency in areas like EV maintenance, diagnostics, charging infrastructure, and battery management, enhancing their employability.

For free access to the 2023 standards and further information, visit www.evteched.org

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