5 Most Memorable Moving Violations Videos of 2015

Jan. 7, 2016
NEC Expert Russ LeBlanc presents readers with serious electrical safety violations, revealing specific problems and offering solutions based on the 2014 NEC.

Knowing, respecting, and following the National Electrical Code (NEC) could mean the difference between life and death. Because the Code is so critical to electrical professionals, EC&M readers continually rank the NEC as their top area of interest. For the past 12 months, NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc has been on the move, taking readers into the field with him in our exclusive “Moving Violations" video series. No doubt all of these videos have left you scratching your heads and wondering what the installer was (or wasn't) thinking. However, reflecting on the past year's coverage, some videos are worse than others. EC&M editors have selected the following five clips as the most memorable of 2015. Watch what not to do, and get a quick lesson on each specific NEC violation and solution.

No Room to Work

Here, Russ finds himself in a very tight situation. Someone crammed a transformer into this electrical room and didn’t provide the required working space between it and the adjacent 480V panelboard. This is a direct violation of Sec. 110.26(A) of the 2014 NEC.

Dangerous Tree Art

In this episode, Russ shows us why a tree doesn’t always make a great support member for PVC conduit. A wrong receptacle cover, inadequate support, and lack of protection at grade level make this installation one to forget. This outdoor arrangement violates several Sections of the NEC, including 300.5, 352.30 and 406.9(B).

Equipment Mounting Height

Russ questions the mounting height of some circuit breakers in this episode. Are they readily accessible? Do they violate the requirements of Sec. 240.24(A)? Watch the video to see what he has to say.

Left Hanging

What lurks in this suspended ceiling space? How about a Code violation related to the installation of these NM cables? In this episode, Russ points out the lack of support for these NM cables at this junction box location. This is a clear violation of Sec. 334.30 of the 2014 NEC.

Bad PVC Job on Rooftop

In this episode, Russ points out a few Code violations with a PVC run on a rooftop. The installer forgot to properly support and secure the PVC and add the required expansion fittings required by Sec. 352.44 of the NEC. The result is a broken mess.

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