Bathroom Receptacle Outlets

In dwelling units, the required bathroom receptacle outlet can be installed on the side or face of the basin cabinet if no lower than _____ below the countertop.

a) 3 in.
b) 9 in.
c) 12 in.
d) 18 in.

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: c) 12 in.

The requirements for outlets on branch circuits can be found in Part III of Art. 210. As per 210.52(D), "In dwelling units, at least one receptacle outlet shall be installed in bathrooms within 3 ft of the outside edge of each basin. The receptacle outlet shall be located on a wall or partition that is adjacent to the basin or countertop, located on the countertop, or installed on the side or face of the basin cabinet not more than 12 in. below the countertop. Receptacle outlet assemblies listed for the application shall be permitted to be installed in the countertop."


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