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Racking Of Mv Breaker Front

The Three Arc-Flash Mitigation Levers

Nov. 9, 2023
Understanding how energy, time, and distance impact an arc flash event’s potential risk to electrical workers

How to Avoid Catastrophic Electrical Failures

Jan. 17, 2024
Steps for identifying signs of motor control center (MCC) failure and protecting both equipment and personnel
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The 5 Most Popular MRO Articles of 2023

Jan. 2, 2024
Five must-read maintenance-related articles from 2023
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Best Practices for Motor Control Center Maintenance & Testing

Sept. 14, 2023
How to prevent MCC-related downtime and catastrophic failures
Electric grid

Supraharmonics in Distributed Generation Power Systems

Sept. 8, 2023
Will these high-frequency harmonics be the new threat?
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EC&M Tech Talk Video — Insulation Resistance Testing

June 1, 2023
In Episode 27, Randy Barnett reviews the purpose and methods used for measuring the quality of electrical insulation on conductors and equipment.
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An Electrical Accident Waiting to Happen

May 10, 2023
Despite advancements in safety standards and compliance, fatalities/injuries continue to occur. Recognize the human factor involved with electrical work, and take preemptive action...
A second person in appropriate PPE and a fire extinguisher are good options to consider when developing an electrical task safety plan.

Arc Flash Hazards: Prevention vs. Protection

May 10, 2023
Why electrical professionals must consider potential hazards before the work starts to ensure safety
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Qualified electrical workers must understand the hazards presented by exposed energized parts and know how to protect themselves using safe electrical work practices.

What Makes a Qualified Electrical Worker

May 10, 2023
Who is qualified and who isn’t when it comes to electrical safety — and what training is required?