Once thoroughly modern fluorescent tube lighting such as seen in this 1969 London data center is ripe for replacement with LEDs Photo by Central Press/Getty Images
<p>Once thoroughly modern, fluorescent tube lighting such as seen in this 1969 London data center is ripe for replacement with LEDs.</p>

Energy Management Collaborative Secures Incentives for Ohio Lighting Projects

Energy Management Collaborative (EMC), a provider of lighting and related services, based in Plymouth, Minn., was awarded $450,000 in incentives through the AEP Ohio Bid4efficiency Program. The incentives are the only funding available for retrofit projects to replace outdated T12 fluorescent lighting in industrial and commercial buildings located in Ohio, EMC said in a release.

 “We are pleased to be awarded the opportunity to apply these incentive dollars to projects that improve lighting and deliver energy and bottom line savings to Ohio-based customers,” said Katie Quam, EMC customer incentives manager. “With standard and prescriptive T12 rebates no longer available, it’s a great way to realize savings when updating this outdated technology.”

The Bid4efficiency program targets manufacturers and commercial consumers located in Ohio who seek ways to reduce energy spending by 25% or more. EMC handles the incentives process as part of the overall project management it provides. Energy efficiency projects receiving funds through the Bid4efficiency Program must be located in AEP Ohio’s service territory and completed before November 15, 2015.

“It’s ideal for those with square footage exceeding 100,000, who wouldn’t benefit from custom and prescriptive incentives, which are capped at $25,000,” said Quam. “Those who’ve applied for rebate and incentive programs in the past know how much work goes into securing those dollars. We’re experienced working with AEP Ohio and have already done the heavy lifting to obtain this funding so our customers don’t have to complete the paperwork.”

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