Fluke Ti Series infrared cameras

Infrared cameras

Featuring LaserSharp Auto Focus, the Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 infrared cameras connect to the company’s CNX wireless system.

Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 infrared cameras feature LaserSharp Auto Focus, which uses a laser to pinpoint exactly where the camera should focus for precisely focused images. The cameras connect to the company’s CNX wireless system, allowing them to be used as a main unit to view live measurements of up to five wireless modules (e.g., AC current or voltage modules) on its screen and integrate the data into the infrared image. Featuring wireless connectivity to easily transfer images from the cameras directly to PCs, an iPad or iPhone that can then be imported into SmartView software, the Bluetooth-ready products include wireless connectivity to PCs, GPS positioning and recording, streaming video, a capacitive touchscreen for quick menu navigation, IR-PhotoNotes photo annotation system, field-changeable rechargeable smart batteries with charge level indicators, and temperature measurements up 1,200°C (Ti400 model only).


For more information, visit www.fluke.com/Ti400.

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