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Product News, Nov 2009

AC motors The IronHorse general-purpose AC motor line now includes 3-phase 1,200 rpm 6-pole and 3,600 rpm 2-pole models. The six new 56C 3,600 rpm rolled steel motors range from 0.33 hp to 2 hp. In addition, 13 new T-frame cast iron motors in 3,600 rpm and 1,200 rpm models are available in sizes from 1 hp to 10 hp. In addition, these TEFC motors feature 5-to-1 variable torque and 2-to-1 constant torque

AC motors

The IronHorse general-purpose AC motor line now includes 3-phase 1,200 rpm 6-pole and 3,600 rpm 2-pole models. The six new 56C 3,600 rpm rolled steel motors range from 0.33 hp to 2 hp. In addition, 13 new T-frame cast iron motors in 3,600 rpm and 1,200 rpm models are available in sizes from 1 hp to 10 hp. In addition, these TEFC motors feature 5-to-1 variable torque and 2-to-1 constant torque ratings.
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Induction motor

The SH630 Above NEMA AC induction motor has been added to the company's H-compact Plus Series. The motor provides up to 11,000 hp at supply voltages from 2.3kV to 13.8kV, 50/60 Hz. Cooling configurations and enclosures include weather-protected Type II, totally enclosed water-to-air cooled, and totally enclosed air-to-air cooled. In addition, the product features the company's Micalastic comprehensive vacuum impregnation insulation system to extend the motor's service life.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 201

Load break switch

The UL 508-listed FSLBS industrial-grade load break switch allows users to make or break loads up to 600V. The IEC-compliant product is available in 16A, 25A, 40A, 63A, and 80A sizes and is suitable as a motor disconnect for up to 40 hp. Other features include box terminals that are rated for two wires each, both solid and stranded, as well as front and side operation; modular construction; and door mounting. In addition, a toggle switch version is available.
Ferraz Shawmut
Circle 202

Cable tray

Cantilever Snake Canyon modular cable tray for access floors offers multiple tiers of cable path and easy access beneath the cable path. In addition, the cable tray's half basket design takes up less space in the access floor and allows for proper airflow. Available in 2-in., 4-in., 6-in., 8-in., and 12-in. depths, the company says the product quickly mounts to the floor with no additional hardware.
Snake Tray
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Circuit breakers

DIN-rail mount 787-860, 787-861, and 787-862 electronic circuit breakers each separately protect up to four current paths (up to 10A at 24VDC max each).The circuit breakers also offer independent programming of appropriate channel- or circuit-specific ratings and trip times via free 759-860 configuration software. In the event of a fault or short circuit, the devices shut down the tripped channel within 100 msec. The 787-861 model features an integrated short circuit current limitation to avoid overload of upstream power supply units. The 787-860 and 787-862 versions feature adjustable trip times and allow for current path monitoring as well as power consumption.
Circle 204

Motor efficiency controller

The 3-phase motor efficiency controller product line is based on the company's E-Save Technology, providing energy savings of up to 35% in appropriate constant speed and variably loaded applications using AC induction motors. In addition, the device functions as a solid-state motor controller with soft start and electronic motor protection. With the addition of three new UL-certified frames to the series, the product can now provide energy savings to AC induction motors rated up to 300 hp.
Power Efficiency
Circle 205

Clamp meters

MA640 600A true-rms AC-DC clamp meters feature a built-in noncontact voltage detector with LED alert and a 6,000-count backlit LCD display. The meter's 1.5-in. (40-mm) jaw size accommodates various conductor sizes of up to 500MCM. Multimeter functions include AC current, AC-DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, diode, and continuity. The product also measures DC current and includes convenience settings that can be set at relative mode for capacitance zero and offset adjustment, as well as data hold and min/max and auto power off.
Extech Instruments
Circle 206

Molded-case breakers

These UL489 AC miniature molded-case circuit breakers offer the highest 14kA short circuit interrupting capacity in the industry, according to the company. Available up to 20A in the C trip curve, the CE-certified and RoHS-compliant breakers measure 17.5 mm wide and also come in 1-pole versions. In addition, they are designed for DIN-rail mounting, feature a positive trip indicator (green/red), and are HVACR 40°C rated.
Circle 207

Motor control switch

The Arrow Hart X-Switch motor control switch is designed for food and beverage processing environments. Constructed of stainless steel, the Type 4X enclosure contains a molded silicon gasket. A high-visibility red handle can be padlocked to meet OSHA lockout/tagout requirements, and the pre-wired, fixed grounding lugs provide ground continuity. In addition, the product features pre-wired SOFTPower connectivity, which the company says reduces downtime by up to 75%. Quick-drive hex cover bolts allow access inside the panel, while fork terminals allow for easy phase changes. The device also includes a stainless steel breather/drain designed to equalize pressure within the enclosure and provide an exit for condensation buildup.
Cooper Wiring Devices
Circle 208

Design/drafting software

Design Master Electrical 7.2 is an update to the company's integrated electrical design and drafting program. Features include: support for AutoCAD 2010; circuiting to individual phases of breakers, which allows 208V and 480V site lights to be circuited to 3-phase circuits; additional wire sizing options; equipment groups; improved automatic looping; improved 3-D block naming; and light fixture aiming for outdoor photometrics.
Design Master Software
Circle 209

Transformer enclosures

These Tortran brand steel weatherproof enclosures feature factory-installed toroidal power and isolation transformers that are certified to UL, CSA, EN, and IEC general-purpose and medical standards. Available in sizes ranging from 250 mm × 200 mm to 500 mm × 400 mm, the enclosures feature a depth of 150 mm. In addition, the largest size custom-configured model can hold three transformers for 60-Hz operation, with a total power rating of up to 7,500VA.
Bridgeport Magnetics Group
Circle 210

Hybrid lighting system

The Hibred lighting system combines HID and other traditional lighting sources for peak hours of illumination with an LED array that provides low-level ambient illumination during off-peak hours. The system works with existing area and site luminaires or can be used as a stand-alone retrofit system. According to the company, the product reduces energy usage by as much as 95% during curfew hours, while helping to limit light pollution. Comprised of 21 LEDs, the array draws 25W of power and has a rated life of 60,000 hr.
Wide-Lite, a Philips Group brand
Circle 211

Multipin plug and receptacle

The DXN37C product line features plugs and receptacles with 37 electrical contacts. According to the company, each contact on the plug and receptacle can carry up to 5A at 220V. ATEX-rated for use in Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and Zones 21 and 22 (dust) classified areas, they use a silver-nickel butt contact technology. To ensure optimum pressure and performance over thousands of operations, the butt-style contacts are spring-loaded (via a coil spring).
Circle 212

Circuit breaker

The Magnum DS product line now includes a 4,000A narrow frame power and air circuit breaker. Measuring 26 in. wide, this model is more than 8 in. smaller in width than the current Magnum 4000A frame and can be applied in 30-in. structures rather than 44-in. structures, reducing the width of the gear by 14 in. The device also uses the company's Digitrip trip unit technology, featuring Zone Selective Interlocking and Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System technology.
Circle 213

Dimming and relay panels

The iLumin architectural dimming panels and Greengate ControlKeeper energy management relay panels incorporate integrated power metering as a standard feature. Both products perform true circuit level power metering via voltage, current, and frequency measurement circuitry that is integral to their design. In addition, energy metering data is processed internally by both products and can be sent to other building management systems for analysis.
Cooper Controls
Circle 214

Bus system

The Powerwave bus system features a 225A and 400A continuous rail system as well as 80A to 150A drop-down power distribution connections. In addition, the product features the company's Tough Rail Technology to streamline and simplify installation. Other features include an integrated Wavestar communications bus and wraparound electromagnetic interference shield.
Power Distribution
Circle 215

Thermal imager

The Ti32 thermal imager is the first product of its kind to feature a 320 × 240 sensor, according to the company. Each imager comes with two field-swappable, rechargeable batteries, each having more than 4 hr of battery life. In addition, the product can withstand a 6.5-ft drop and is IP54-rated to withstand water and dust. Other features include a widescreen, full color LCD display, increased thermal sensitivity (-0.05°C at 30C target temperature), and a temperature measurement range of -20°C to +600°C.
Circle 216

PV modules

Designed for medium- and large-scale commercial installations, the UJ6 Series of polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules uses cells with four bus bars as opposed to traditional two bus bar cells. According to the company, use of new cells in combination with an increase in module size makes it possible to achieve power outputs of 212W, 218W, 225W, 230W, and 235W per module. In addition, the product features an optimized frame design that withstands a load of 5,400Pa based on IEC static load test. Other product highlights include a 4-layer junction box and 100% lead-free solder.
Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics USA
Circle 217

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