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FAQ: A Proven, Cost-Effective Strut Channel Alternative for Environmentally Harsh Applications

Oct. 23, 2023

Paying a premium for long-lasting products is one way to avoid even bigger expenses in the future, such as replacing fasteners, fittings, and other hardware that fails after just a few years. But there’s another, smarter way: Choose products that last longer than even more expensive alternatives.

For example, you can purchase strut channel products today with coatings designed to withstand at least a decade of salt spray, high humidity, and other environmental extremes. These products are ideal for a wide variety of demanding and missioncritical applications such as cell phone towers, electrical substations, agricultural facilities, oil rigs, and other installations where hot-dipped galvanized products might not be up to the task.

Best of all, this durability doesn’t come at a hefty premium. Just the opposite: These specially coated products can save you up to 40% on materials by eliminating the need for stainless steel alternatives. The unique coating also saves money on installation by removing steps such as touching up cut ends.

If you’re a project manager, engineer, building owner, contractor, or specifier, you likely have some questions when comparing coated products. We’re here to help you find answers. Download this FAQ today!

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