NJECA Introduces New Logo, Expanded Programs to Support NJ Contractors

NJECA Introduces New Logo, Expanded Programs to Support NJ Contractors

The new programs being introduced in 2015 greatly benefit not only New Jersey’s electrical contractor base, but the NJ electrical industry as a whole.

After more than years of supporting New Jersey’s electrical contractors, NJECA updated the business logo to better represent the benefits and services provided by NJ Electrical Contractors Association. In addition, the new programs being introduced in 2015 greatly benefit not only New Jersey’s electrical contractor base, but the NJ electrical industry as a whole.

Dan O’Brien, Board President of NJECA, said, “The new logo and branding for NJECA is just one of the improvements we’ve made over the last few months. Along with our new website, social media program, training and upcoming trade shows, we are positioned to grow and better support our members while accurately portraying the high quality of services and support we provide to not only the electrical contractor members, but to the NJ electrical industry as a whole. We are excited to bring these new programs to the industry and better support our members.”

Some of NJECA’s newest programs include:

• OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binders & Update Service- OSHA requires that businesses build a hazard communication program and maintain safety data sheets for each hazardous chemical in the workplace, and that safety data sheets are readily available to employees. NJECA is now offering a Hazard Communication Program & Safety Data Sheet Binder designed specifically for electrical contractors, which includes sample hazard communication policies, safety data sheets for materials typically found at their job sites, and OSHA information. In addition, NJECA members receive free updates for their binders, including the ability to request additional sheets for other items they have at their worksite for free! A binder is supplied for free as part of a business’s NJECA membership, and additional may be ordered for each of their work trucks to ensure that they meet OSHA’s requirements.

• Free Accounting Software – NJECA members can take advantage of free accounting software for their business. NJECA understands the struggle of small businesses. We are excited to offer an easy-to-use online accounting software to our members and a monthly webinar to assist in set up and use of their software. This is a great new benefit for any business and helps avoid the high costs of “shoebox accounting.”

• Social Media Program- NJECA’s team of marketing experts understand that contractors do not have time to monitor thousands of posts provided through facebook and twitter. Our social media program includes monitoring of over 800 electrical industry businesses and individuals and re-posting JUST the information needed by electrical industry professionals to better manage and grow their businesses. We strive to be the “Follow One-Follow All” social media source for the electrical industry in NJ.

• Legislative Support– NJECA has partnered with a variety of individuals and partner associations that are experts in monitoring and acting on legislative actions that affect our industry. We ensure that your needs are represented at both the state and federal level through these partnerships. We help New Jersey’s electrical industry become “One Voice” to our government.

• NJ Electrical Showcase & NJ Electrical Expo – NJECA will soon be releasing information on our 2015 Electrical Showcase show taking place in New Jersey this fall. This tabletop show include a free CEU course in the morning and exhibit hours in the afternoon and will enable electrical industry businesses to display their products and services to New Jersey’s 15,000 licensed electricians. In addition, NJECA will be hosting the NJ Electrical Expo in 2016 which will be a 2 day trade show with CEU courses, manufacturer presentations and trade show booth expo. These programs are another way that NJECA leads the industry in bringing New Jersey’s electrical industry together.

• East Coast Safety & NJECA Online Institute – NJECA’s East Coast Safety program will be released later this month and include an extensive online university featuring almost 200 courses that can be taken online by anyone needing safety training. This program is ideal for anyone who needs a quick and easy way to take safety training online at your convenience. When partnered with NJECA’s extensive live training, CEU and OSHA events, we now offer a complete training university that benefits not just the electrical industry, but any businesses involved in commercial, industrial and residential construction

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