The Top Everyday Electrician Videos of March 2024

April 24, 2024
See which of Trevor Ottmann's videos from The Everyday Electrician series from last month brought in the most views.

Since we started posting The Everyday Electrician videos by Trevor Ottmann, president of 3/0 Electric, we've been amazed by the reception we've received across our various social media platforms. For those of you who may not yet have encountered him, we wanted to present some of Trevor's most popular videos from March 2024.

Scroll below to see which ones were favorites of our Instagram followers — we've also included links to TikTok and YouTube.

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Now check out the March 2024 highlights.

Trevor shows how they used a rented air compressor to push the foam piston and string through these raceways. The conduits had filled with water, so they had to utilize the compressor to remove the water before pushing the strings.

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In this video, Trevor shows how he used compressed air to push a foam piston through a 350-ft run of 4-in. PVC — which honestly looks like a pretty fun task.

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Trevor shows off how impressive directional boring is. The midpoint of the bore is where the boring head is removed, and the pulling head is attached. Meanwhile, the continuous inner duct is connected to the pulling head and the assembly is drawn backward, installing the raceway.

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About the Author

Trevor Ottmann

Trevor Ottmann is an electrical contractor based in southeast Nebraska. After graduating from Rock Port High School, Rock Port, Mo., in 2006, he attended Southeast Community College in Milford, Neb., to learn the electrical trade. After graduating from Milford in 2008, he joined Progressive Electric in Lincoln, Neb., where he worked from 2009 to 2018. While full time at Progressive, he started doing contract work in 2016, launching 3/0 Electric as a side business. From 2018 to 2022, he joined Capitol City Electric in Lincoln, Neb., where he joined the Local 265 Union. In November 2022, he took the plunge as a small business owner and started working full time for 3/0 Electric with his wife, Jamie, At 3/0 Electric, he mostly focuses on commercial and industrial jobs as well as agricultural electrical work. He has held an electrical contractor's license in Nebraska since 2012. He is also a firefighter for the Bennet Rural Fire District since 2021 and is a nationally registered emergency medical technician (NREMT) since June 2023. Trevor lives with his wife and daughter in Bennet, Neb.   

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