The Top 10 Highest-Paying Cities for Electrical Engineers: 2016

Considering that four of the top 10 highest-paying cities for electrical engineers are in California (two less than the last time we checked — based on 2015 data), it seems the wealth may be spreading a little more across the country. If you're interested in staying competitive with your engineering peers for compensation, a move to one of these states may be in your future. According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' "Occupational Employment and Wages May 2016 Study," the highest average annual wage for electrical engineers was $129,600 in the San Jose, Calif. area. However, keep in mind, this list does not take cost of living into consideration. Take a look at the gallery to see what other cities (listed in descending order) are staying competitive when it comes to compensation for EEs. 

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