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County Employees Shocked at Pennsylvania Nursing Center

Health inspections had showed electricial deficiencies in the building previously.

Two county employees were shocked while working at a county-owned nursing and rehabilitation center in Cumberland County, Pennsylania. According to a report from abc27 News, health inspections had showed electricial deficiencies in the building previously.

Not many answers have come out, however, as the current Center Administrator and Cumberland County Facilities Management Director both said the fire department did an inspection and could not find anything wrong with the electrical wiring; staff members also examined the system and did not find any malfunctions.

According to emails obtained by abc27, a nursing assistant at Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center touched a light switch in a resident’s room. She described immediately seeing a bright light and feeling a shock go through her left hand and arm. The nursing assistant said she sat on the floor and felt her leg go numb. A second employee reported experiencing a slight shock from a different light switch in a room next door.

The facilities director maintains that the metal plates on the lights are currently up-to-code. However, as a precaution, Claremont is in the process of switching over to nylon plates for the entire building.

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