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Designers Adding More Lights to Bay Bridge Robert Fischer (Rjfischer_photography), Creative Commons license

Designers Adding More Lights to Bay Bridge

The eastern span of the $6.4 billion Bay Bridge, which reopened Sept. 2, has an upgrade underway to add $2 million worth of LED lighting to add visual drama to the main tower of a very dramatic suspension bridge, according to a report in SFGate by Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross.

The first installation of 5,500 LEDs lit the bridge’s 200 sweeping cables and the new installation will light the 525-ft main tower with 800 additional lights at the waterline and 1,500 more at deck level. The SFGate says Bay Area residents are looking forward to seeing the new bridge fully lit:

When the job is finished, we can start the debate about whether the new span outshines the old western span, which now sports 25,000 blinking LED lights that not only shine but also move in rhythmic patterns.  ...(SF Gate)

Here's further coverage of the Bay Bridge's lighting from the San Jose Mercury NewsBay Bridge: Cutting edge LED lights create unique night landscape

And some video of the bridge from the New York Times (March 5, 2013): Bridge of Light.



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