Electrical Firm Sues for Payment

Electrical Firm Sues for Payment

A subcontractor for the construction of a city-owned rental car facility has filed a lawsuit asking a judge to make the project's lead contractor and bond insurers finally pay for the electrical work it performed many months ago.

According to a report from The Louisiana Record, Quinco Electrical of Georgia Inc. filed a complaint July 9 in District Court against Satterfield and Pontikes Construction Inc., Continental Casualty Co. and Safeco Insurance Co. of America.

S and P became the general contractor on Oct. 12, 2012, for the Consolidated Rental Car Facility in New Orleans, the lawsuit states, and the other two defendants provided the project's bonding. A year and a half earlier, the lawsuit states, Quinco became a subcontractor for S and P, agreeing to provide the material, labor and equipment for the project's electrical systems. After Quinco finished the work, S and P didn't pay it the total amount due.

The plaintiff, citing a breach of contract and failure of surety to pay, seeks the enforcement of the Public Works Act statement of claim and payment of the total amount still owed, $797,361.89, as well as interest, late fees, attorneys' fees and other costs of this litigation.

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