VA hospital in Orlando

Electrical Workers Protest After Losing Jobs at Florida Medical Center

Electrical workers protested outside of the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Orlando, Florida, last week after losing their jobs.

About 200 electrical workers were laid off last week from construction jobs at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Orlando, Florida. They had a laundry list of complaints including long hour and weeks without days off. After being laid off last week, workers picketed the site in the rain.

The main electrical contractor at the site was Quinco Electrical. The medical center has been under construction since 2009. A Florida news station, WFTV 9, covered the layoffs and protest. The station interviewed one of the workers, Anthony Hernandez, who said that workers were promised if they worked long hours, and and several days in a row, they could keep their jobs.

Quinco's CEO said the contractor had come to part of the project where fewer electrical employees are needed, WFTV 9 reported. The VA Medical Center isn't expected to be done until December 2014.


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