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Solar farm in Canada
<p>Solar farm in Canada</p>

Ontario Electrician Killed at Job Site

Wayne Affleck, was in the apprenticeship program at St. Clair College,

The Windsor Star reported last month that an apprentice electrician was killed at a local company’s job site outside Toronto. The Ministry of Labour was investigating the death of Wayne Affleck, 27, who was found without vital signs in the electrical room of a new solar farm in Sunderland, Ontario. He was working with Kingsville’s EnerQuest Services Inc.

Affleck was in the apprenticeship program at St. Clair College, and although the ministry had not yet formally acknowledged the cause of death, the family believed he was electrocuted. The nature of the work was also being investigated, according to the Star.

He had joined EnerQuest earlier this year and has worked on electrical projects across Ontario. EnerQuest makes and installs power distribution equipment....(Windsor Star)


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