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Yellowstone Old Faithful

Yellowstone National Park to Fix Electrical System

Plans are now being made by NorthWestern Energy to improve the reliability and safety of the system.

Yellowstone National Park's aging electrical system is plagued with frequent outages, which is not helped by the remoteness of the park and by rough terrain and harsh climate. The park’s system also lacks technology that would make diagnosing and repairing outages less difficult.

So now Northwestern Energy, which has provided electricity to the park since the late 1950s with aerial and buried lines, plans to improve the reliability and safety of the system. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reported the plans last week, mentioning that Park officials were accepting comments about rewiring.

An Environmental Assessment is being conducted to study the problems of the system and suggest possible fixes... Among possible improvements are remote monitoring and control systems, new equipment buildings, backup generators and propane fuel tanks. People are encouraged to submit their comments through the Planning, Environment and Public Comment website online...(Jackson Hole News and Guide)


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