Kansas Electrician Attends Electrical Vehicle Training

Mark Farmer, owner of Mr. Electric of Miami and Johnson County, Kan., completes the Eaton Certified Electrical Vehicle Training

Electricity has been constantly changing the way people live and work. The methods for how electricity is generated and utilized have also evolved over the years. Electrical technologies that were considered emerging just a few years ago, such as plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) and solar power-generation systems, are now readily available throughout the country.

Last month, Mark Farmer, owner of Mr. Electric of Miami and Johnson County, Kan., completed the Eaton Certified Electrical Vehicle Training. With Mr. Electric being named one of the preferred installers for some of the largest car manufacturers, they utilized their annual conference time to provide their franchisees with education on EVs.

During the training instructors discussed trends in the electrical market, new EVs being launched in 2012 and 2013 and how to properly install chargers that are on the market today.  “As more people grab for the EV charger – and not the gas pump – home charging becomes an important part of their daily lives,” said Mark Farmer. “I am thrilled to work with these leading developers, their dealers, and customers to bring EV charging to garages throughout Kansas.”

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