Success Group International Sold to Aquila Investment Group

Success Group International Sold to Aquila Investment Group

Aquila Investment Group recently completed the purchase of Success Group International (SGI) from Direct Energy. Longtime Direct Energy/Clockwork Home Services employee Rebecca Cassel, along with her husband and SGI member Lon Cassel, founded Aquila Investment Group, making SGI the largest member-owned ‘best practices’ organization in contracting.

SGI will continue to offer the proprietary tools including its pricing guides, sales systems, and management tools, which have helped the organization become the largest ‘best practices’ organization in contracting. 

“SGI members will still have all of the systems and one-on-one coaching through this transition.  They’ll continue to receive the industry’s best sales and communication training, as well as enjoy the very best discounts and rebates in contracting thanks to our purchasing power. And they can still access SuccessWare 21, the full integrated contractor software,” Cassel said.

“Our members should also rest assured they will continue to be served by current SGI employees who have whole-heartedly agreed to make this transition with us,” Cassel continued. “They will have the same outstanding team in place to serve them.”  SGI plans to remain headquartered in the Sarasota, FL, area.

SGI consists of four separate organizations: Plumbers’ Success International (PSI), AirTime 500 (for HVAC contractors), Electricians’ Success International (ESI), and Roofers’ Success International (RSI). Prior to this purchase, Clockwork Home Services owned SGI and its subsidiaries.

The Cassels founded Aquila Investment Group in early 2014 along with several other SGI-member and employee investors. With the Aquila Investment Group’s purchase, SGI becomes the largest member-owned ‘best practices’ organization in the contracting industry today.

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