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CEE News Product of the Year finalists A panel of judges selected 20 finalists for CEE News' Product of the Year. Now it's your turn to help us vote for the winner, who will be announced at Electric 2001 June 25-27 in Orlando. After reading all the finalists' product information, e-mail Mike Harrington, CEE News' Managing Editor with your full name, company name, title, work phone number and e-mail

A panel of judges selected 20 finalists for CEE News' Product of the Year. Now it's your turn to help us vote for the winner, who will be announced at Electric 2001 June 25-27 in Orlando. After reading all the finalists' product information, e-mail Mike Harrington, CEE News' Managing Editor with your full name, company name, title, work phone number and e-mail address, along with your vote for Product of the Year.
1. Ballasts cover multiple wattages
The line of SmartMate electronic ballasts includes three models that cover 12 major CFL 13W to 42W applications. The models feature a versatile color-coded, dual-entry connector, permitting push-in lead connection to either the ballast’s side or bottom. Universal input voltage and multi-lamp capability minimizes the number of SKUs. Advance Transformer Co.
2. Power logger comes with software package
The PQL 100 Series is a single-phase power-quality logger designed to measure and log from a complete suite of electrical, power quality, and power quantity parameters. The PQL 100 measures, records and stores the selected parameters in its memory. The recorded information is retrieved via a computer using an RS-232 serial link. A report-compliant DataView Lite software package, which provides graphs, waveforms and pre-configured reports, is supplied with the power-quality loggers. The easy-to-use report-compliant software graphs real-time, posts recorded data and prints reports from a library of standard user-customizable presentations. AEMC Instruments
3. Color coding allows for fast identification
The Rainbow ID System provides fast, reliable identification of cable type, voltage and number of conductors where you can see it—on the cable’s armor. This color-coding system reduces picking errors in the warehouse, increases efficiency on the job site and improves safety through visual identification of 480Y/277V cables. AFC Cable Systems
4. Mounting boxes offer easy installation
The FB90 Fan/Fixture Mounting Box offers the easiest, most secure way to center mount a fan or fixture on a cathedral ceiling. Installers can attach the box to a 2x4 about 12-inches long. They can also nail or screw the 2x4 box assembly to the pitched rafters, centering the box on the ceiling. The box supports fans or fixtures in excess of 35 pounds. Arlington Industries
5. Transfer device provides lighting
The GTD generator transfer device introduces a new way to save energy and provide Code-compliant fluorescent emergency lighting. The device works in conjunction with an auxiliary generator to power fluorescent emergency lighting fixtures regardless of fixture wall switch position. The device senses the loss of normal power, bypasses the wall switch and supplies generator power directly to the AC ballast. The device provides reliable emergency lighting only when it’s needed. It’s suitable for use in indoor dry and damp locations and comes with a five-year full warranty. The Bodine Co. Inc.

6. Power fuse is "finger safe"
The CUBEFuse industrial power fuse provides improved Class J electrical performance to maximize component protection, minimize arc-flash energy and improve system safety. The rectangular construction optimizes mounting space, requiring less footprint space than required for a Midget or Class CC fuse block. Cooper Bussmann

7. Lighting system parts are interchangeable
The Criterion Series of outdoor lighting offers the convenience and savings of interchangeable components, excellent optics and photometrics, as well as complete architectural styling integrity in area, flood and wall lighting. The series includes floodlights, wallpacks and area lighting that together light virtually every outdoor application. The lighting’s housing offers additional value with low-profile hardware, concealed gaskets and tool-free maintenance. GE Lighting Systems

8. On-site generator is powered by gas
The DG50 generator is designed to meet the growing demand for distributed generation among a wide variety of businesses. The natural gas-fueled product is focused on the special requirements of industrial and commercial users who want to supplement utility-supplied power with on-site generating capability. In addition to supplemental power, every unit also serves as an emergency standby power source. The generator provides 50 kW of distributed power on-site for all kinds of businesses, to supplement or replace utility-supplied electricity during peak-demand charge periods and outages. It features integrated paralleling switchgear. Generac Power Systems Inc.

9. Transformer provides maximum efficiency
Best for mission-critical data centers and facilities with high concentrations of electronic loads, the Neutralizer TransMax- Plus transformer helps ensure maximum system uptime. This Energy Star compliant transformer also complies with Department of Energy guidelines (1992 Energy Act H.R. 776) for maximum system efficiency. Featuring Blockade, the manufacturer’s proprietary harmonic suppression technology, the transformer prevents harmonic currents from ever forming in an electrical system. The result is increased system capacity and reduced energy-wasting heat losses system-wide. Less heat loss translates to more reliability. Blockade affects only those loads connected to the unit. Harmonics Limited LLC
10. Structured wiring system is flexible
Leviton Integrated Networks is a high-speed structural wiring system that distributes data, voice, video and audio signals throughout the home. The system’s innovative series of modules, media centers and wall plates manages and distributes these connections. Installers can select from pre-configured or customized platforms to match individual home owner’s requirements. Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
11. Lensed troffer integrates lamp and ballast
The SP8 lensed troffer integrates energy-efficient T8 lamps, low profile T8 electronic ballasts and compact T8 sockets into a high-strength steel, precision-manufactured housing. The new technology, combined with innovative fixture design, enables the SP8 to achieve superior performance in efficiency, lamp obscurations and visual comfort. Lithonia Lighting
12. Home network center is versatile
The residential Home Network Center configures quickly to support every type of home network, from phone to cable, satellite and closed-circuit television, computer, home office and audio to meet today’s home owner’s needs. It allows the home owner to have easy access to the latest broadband and high-speed digital services and enables them to distribute audio, video, voice or data to any location throughout the home. Components include phone modules that support up to four lines and easily reassign phone outlets in any room to any line. The phone outlets are also flexible and can be used as data outlets. A home office option allows up to eight incoming lines that can be routed to 36 different locations within the structure. Pass & Seymour/Legrand
13. High-voltage meter is battery-powered
The Hi-Z Megmeter is a portable battery-powered HVDC source and meter. Models are available for withstand testing insulation up to 42KV DC, and measuring leakage current as low as 0.001 microamp when testing underground cable, safety gloves, vacuum interrupters, HV resistors and all types of insulation. The Megmeter comes in two models: portable Model VMT15, with a range of 0-15kV DC, 0-260 microamps or 1,000 microamps; and Model VMT42, with a range of 0-42kV DC, 0.001-130 microamps or 0.001-500 microamps, with adjustable current trip. The meters are 12V battery-powered for isolated field use. They also operate as an HV low current source. Ross Engineering
14. UPS provides backup power to facilities
The PureWave UPS system provides enhanced service continuity to facilities served by a single power source, where momentary disruptions are of concern. Available in ratings from 313kVA to 1,250kVA, it provides backup power to the entire facility for 30 seconds, eliminating up to 98% of voltage disturbances. S&C Electric Co.
15. Tool strips fiber-optic cable
The Roto-Spin tool strips the jacket of electric or communication cables and facilitates and speeds up cable preparation for electrical or fiber-optic connections. The tool features a swiveling blade to ring and straight-cut cable jackets in one easy operation. A foolproof system accurately sets blade penetration using a rotary cam that has 16 depth-of-cut settings to precisely set blade penetration. Cable-stripping length is set with a sliding cable stop. The tool allows easy-blade replacement with blade storage provided in the cable stop. Seatek Co. Inc.
16. Switchboard offers custom configuration
The PowerWall switchboard allows the user to configure an arrangement that best fits their individual requirements. The design reduces the contractor wiring content, shortens their installation timeline, minimizes equipment footprint, reduces installation time and cost and simplifies job site equipment inventory management. Siemens Energy and Automation
17. Fire alarm notification system installs easily
The TrueAlert addressable audible/visible notification appliance features interactive addressable technology, which offers scalability, survivability and a lower cost of installation, testing and maintenance. The product is a forward engineered/backward compatibility solution, meaning it works with existing products and will work with future products. Simplex Inc.
18. Substation has small footprint
The Power-Zone HVLcc/Model III Packaged Unit Substation’s small footprint allows it to be installed in locations that were formerly prohibitive. Designed for industrial and commercial applications, this dry-type transformer is available from 75kVA through 500kVA. A newer model will feature 750kVA and 1,000kVA. Square D/Schneider Electric Co.
19. Device tests open neutrals
The Open Neutral Service Tester is designed to detect open-neutral problems that originate anywhere from the very last panel all the way back to the transformer. The tester has an exclusive load feature that makes it possible for a single electrician to test for open neutrals under load. It eliminates the guesswork and cuts the electrician’s time from several hours (and maybe several trips) to about 15 minutes. The product allows electricians to discover open-neutral problems at the meter without breaking the seal. Sure Proof Testing
20. Flush poke-through offers large capacity
The Walker RC4 Series Flush Poke-Thru System provides two dual-circuit 20A single duplex receptacles wired on individual circuits with separate neutral and ground wires. It also supports four multimedia data/communication connectors and achieves maximum data communications flexibility with a nonmetallic bracket that accepts modular connectivity inserts. Wiremold
E-mail your contact information, such as your name, company name and phone number, to Mike Harrington, Managing Editor, along with your vote for the Product of the Year. Please include the name of the product and the manufacturer.
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