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E-commerce update partners with the Electrical Distributors signed an exclusive agreement with EDN (Electrical Distributors Network), Concord, Ohio, to design, build and implement a total e-procurement system."We're working on an electronic procurement project that applies the technology to everyday purchases," said Doug Kinney, president of partners with the Electrical Distributors Network. signed an exclusive agreement with EDN (Electrical Distributors Network), Concord, Ohio, to design, build and implement a total e-procurement system.

"We're working on an electronic procurement project that applies the technology to everyday purchases," said Doug Kinney, president of set up a surplus marketplace for EDN members to sell excess inventory to electrical professionals back in March. EDN partnered with SurplusChannel again to develop a Web-based solution that will link EDN Headquarters, member electrical distributors and the company's Preferred Vendors. Kinney said the system will expedite all procurement transactions.

"An electrical distributor will be able to basically write one purchase order to all manufacturers once a day or twice a day and the system will handle all that electronically," Kinney said. "All correspondence will come electronically so there are no phone calls or faxes."

Electrical distributors are interested in taking advantage of the procurement system, Kinney said.

"We asked them what they would want and how adaptable they would be," Kinney said. "Overall, electrical distributors were very favorable to the idea. I think that everybody realizes that this is probably going to be the wave of the future."

EDN has been and will continue to be a good partner, Kinney said.

"They're one of the fastest-growing buying groups," Kinney said. "Matt Roos (president of EDN) is very forward thinking and realizes that in two or three years, every buying group will be on some system like this. I think they're going to be our partner for quite a long time."

Launched in October of 1999, uses a negotiation-based approach to actively match buyers with sellers of surplus equipment. This is different from other inventory management Web sites, which rely on an auction-based approach that simply loads items for sale and waits for multiple bidders to enter the market. It also is designed to replace the traditional paper-based surplus procurement and distribution process.

Ideal Ideal's new Web site offers end-users and distributors quick and reliable access to information about Ideal's more than 400 test instruments. The site offers an in-depth test and measurement product-selection guide that allows users to choose the features, functions and price range of the test instrument they wish to acquire and then have the product automatically selected. For end users, Ideal has included the names, addresses and phone numbers of the company's test instrument stocking distributors. A "What's New?" page also features the latest in new products, promotions, special offers and happenings in the industry.

Blue Book The Blue Book of Building and Construction launched the second revision of BB-Bid, the online bidding, communications and procurement arm of BB-Bid is said to be the only free service of its kind providing access to the Blue Book's proprietary database of more than 800,000 pre-qualified company listings to buyers of construction-related products and services. BB-Bid functions include mass-messaging facilities, vendor-list development and management, bid compilation and analysis and a free two-way communication network. BidScope, the search engine, matches a buyer's needs with potential vendors.

eCalibration Inc. eCalibration Inc. set up a new discussion board to help calibration professionals share information with their peers as well as unite the fragmented calibration industry. Online discussions are grouped in three categories including calibration laboratory management, calibration and measurement science and industry focus groups. The site also offers industry and product news, event calendars, an e-mail newsletter and a Career Center.

Panduit Panduit recently redesigned its Web site to provide its customers with the latest news and information about Panduit products and events with easy-to-follow navigation. Special features of the Web site include customer access to Pan-Link Online business system via a standard Web browser. A dedicated customer service area gives users the ability to provide feedback, obtain technical support and request printed literature. The newly designed site represents the first phase in a series of planned customer-oriented enhancements intended to improve the company's Web presence with continuous site expansions and improvements throughout the year., an Internet-based training company, is working to meet industry-specific employee needs in power, process and construction industries. Courses will include craft, maintenance, engineering, HAZCOM, safety, operator, GET/N-GET and others. creates interactive, graphics-rich technical courses that dramatically improve comprehension and retention at a much faster rate than conventional classroom instruction.

MagneTek Lighting MagneTek Lighting Products Group, a supplier of magnetic and electronic lighting ballasts and controls, launched a Web site dedicated to the distribution channel. The site will offer important news in the lighting industry and product specifications and information.

Appleton Electric Appleton Electric, an electrical equipment manufacturer, has redesigned its Web site. The site now features updated graphics, a better organization of many of its sections and more in-depth product specifications.

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