Structured cabling doubles Cat. 6 performance The GigaBand system of structured cabling products doubles the bandwidth of the proposed Cat. 6 standard. Tested to perform with positive Power Sum ACR up to 400 MHz, GigaBand consists of jacks, patch panels and patch cords. The system offers backward compatibility and can be used with Cat. 5 and Cat. 5e systems. Part of the system's performance is due

Structured cabling doubles Cat. 6 performance

The GigaBand system of structured cabling products doubles the bandwidth of the proposed Cat. 6 standard. Tested to perform with positive Power Sum ACR up to 400 MHz, GigaBand consists of jacks, patch panels and patch cords. The system offers backward compatibility and can be used with Cat. 5 and Cat. 5e systems. Part of the system's performance is due to the implementation of an innovative, crosstalk cancellation technology. The jacks also feature a unique design offering strain relief for the cable. Hellermann Tyton
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Lightweight steel MC cable is light but strong

The McTuff cable features strong steel armor with the light weight of aluminum. The cable's high-strength structural steel armor provides protection against mechanical damage and superior EMI shielding. Part of a family of color-coded products, the cable features an outer armor with a blue stripe for easy identification. The conductors are pre-wired at the factory creating a single cable assembly that simplifies installation and provides up to 50% in installed cost savings. AFC Cable Systems
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Multi-channel raceway features sleek, rounded profile

The InfoStream multi-channel raceway features an elliptically-shaped profile that offers both a sleek appearance and helps absorb shock if it is inadvertently struck. The raceway speeds installation because its hinged cover can be partially mounted prior to laying cables. It also doubles as a ledge, preventing wire and cable from falling out during installation.

Hellermann Tyton
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Low-cab trucks are roomier

The N-Series (Isuzu) and W-Series (GMC/Chevrolet) Crew Cab Trucks now include seven-person cab room. The low cab forward crew cab has 14,500-pound GVWR. The truck is available in two wheelbases: 150 inch and 176 inch. General Motors
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Outdoor lighting offers interchangeable components

The Criterion series of outdoor lighting includes floodlights for parking lots, building facades, signs, monuments. Wallpacks are available for lighting building perimeters and parking lots. The lights feature interchangeable parts. GE Lighting
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Cleaner/degreaser leaves a less-hazardous ring

This cleaner/degreaser Type GP is a less hazardous alternative to 1,1,1 trichloroethane and is an enhanced terpene-based cleaner engineered specifically for electrical cable cleaning. It dries fast and leaves no residue. American Polywater
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Generator switchgear products are feature-rich

These feature-rich microprocessor-based generator control switchgear products allow users to control and monitor their generator and utility plants with a high degree of reliability and dependability.

I&S Operations Inc.
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Electronic phototimer saves energy

The Series 5700T saves energy. The electronic twist-lock unit controls outdoor lighting by turning on at dusk, similar to a conventional photocontrol, but without the need for a separate time switch. The unit shuts off the lights during at night. Tork
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Voice/data/video database does estimating

The Voice/Data/Video database has been enhanced for estimating voice, data and video installations. The new database includes the labor installation times and current material costs required to prepare accurate job bid estimates. Vision InfoSoft
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Surface raceway meets full range of power and data cabling needs

These easy-to-install systems of metallic, nonmetallic and aluminum surface raceway meet the full range of power and data cabling needs. Best for wiring new office layouts or modifying network configurations, the surface raceway accommodates upgrades and adjustments quickly, while providing the flexibility and functionality required for virtually every connectivity application. Thomas & Betts
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Software is for electrical and datacom contractors

Version 3.2 of the WindowsNT/98 estimating software is for electrical and voice/data/video contractors. The software has an electrical database of more than 20,000 items and more than 11,000 pre-built assemblies. It also offers a telecom database of more than 30,000 items from more than 120 major manufacturers. Smart technology in the software offers built-in NEC tables that automatically resize wire for substitutions based on Code requirements, saving estimators the tedious task of plowing through the Code when an installation changes. The software also makes automatic adjustments to the labor rate as installation conditions change. The company will also introduce their next generation of time-saving software products that focus on bid and project management, change order tracking, load calculations and complete time and material billing. Con-Est
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Software features easy screen element customization

The SELLECT2000i version of CAD software features an easy screen element customization and AutoCAD2000i integration. The CAD TakeOff software speeds and hones the takeoff process and allows the sharing of data. Sellect Designs
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Wiring system employs “lazy Susan” approach to save money

The Mini Pac is shrink-wrap packaged 500 feet of THHN, an alternative to traditional spools said to offer labor savings up to 40%. Several coils are placed in a standard bucket mounted on a “lazy Susan” to save time and money. Skaltec Inc.
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Non-metallic outlet boxes feature large capacities

This line of PVC outlet boxes for residential construction features the largest cubic inch capacities in their class. These nail-on outlet boxes are also available with quick thread device holes for easy mounting. Allied Moulded Products
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Telecommunications ground bars meet TIA/EIA 607-A

The ERITECH grounding busbars meet the specifications of TIA/EIA 607-A and conform to BICSI recommendations. These grounding busbars ensure proper telecommunications grounding and bonding, which is critical to effective systems operation. The Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar (TMGB) is the dedicated extension of the service grounding busbar in the building to the telecommunications infrastructure. The Telecommunications Grounding Busbar (TGB) is usually located in the telecommunications room and acts as the floor-serving extension of the TMGB. The busbars come in several different lengths to accommodate project requirements for the amount of connections. Splice plate kits are available for both TMGB and TGB busbars to allow for expansion. Erico
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Control product offers flexibility

These Smartwired products offer control solutions for energy management and Code compliance in a system that simplifies design, installation and operation. Offering simple yet flexible control without the need for PC-based administration or extensive hardwiring, the SWS system features a low-voltage switching platform, central panel intelligence, dataline communications and “smart” switches. Users can implement operation capabilities such as flexible grouping of lighting loads and a choice of proven automated control scenarios for common commercial applications. Watt Stopper
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