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Lightfair: bringing new ideas to light

Lightfair proposed new lighting solutions to more than 14,000 lighting professionals at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center May 11-13. Versatile light control systems, intriguing lighting design software, smaller and more efficient fluorescent lamps and ballasts and LED light sources were the highlights of Lightfair. Some of the interesting new products, starting with lamps, include:Extra long

Lightfair proposed new lighting solutions to more than 14,000 lighting professionals at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center May 11-13. Versatile light control systems, intriguing lighting design software, smaller and more efficient fluorescent lamps and ballasts and LED light sources were the highlights of Lightfair. Some of the interesting new products, starting with lamps, include:

Extra long life halogen PAR lamp General Electric introduced its HIR XL extra long life (6000 hour) halogen PAR lamp, available in 45-W, 55-W and 90-W spot and flood versions. The Slimshell compact fluorescent (CFL) lamp has a slim 1.93-inch diameter and is a convenient replacement for an incandescent lamp. The compact fluorescent "A-line" lamp has a familiar incandescent bulb shape and is available in 15-W and 20-W versions. The 3-way Quad Biax is designed to replace a 30/70/100 three-way incandescent lamp. The new Dimmable Quad Biax is a 28 W replacement for a 100 W soft-white, incandescent lamp. The 360 W metal halide lamp provides nearly the same lumens as a 400 W high output metal halide lamp yet uses 10% fewer watts. A 360 W high-pressure-sodium lamp also serves as an energy-saving replacement for a standard 400 W HPS lamp. The HIR XL PAR lamp in 45 W, 55-W and 90-W versions has a 6000-hour life, three times longer than a standard halogen PAR.

Linear fluorescent system Osram Sylvania featured its slim-profile Pentron and Pentron HO T5 linear fluorescent system, which provides 95% lumen maintenance and a rated life of 20,000 hours. The electronic ballast has end-of-life technology that meets the proposed ANSI standard for small diameter fluorescent lamps. The Curvalume XP T8 lamp is a compact version of the standard T8 lamp, and is available in either 1 5/8-inch or 6-inch leg spacing for 2 by 2 troffers. It features 94% lumen maintenance over its rated life of 24,000 hours. The Pro-Tech version of its 360 W metal halide lamp is designed for an open-type 400 W metal halide fixture, thus saving 40 W per unit.

Integrated three-way compact fluorescent lamp Philips Lighting showcased the first integrated three-way compact fluorescent lamp, which is a direct replacement for the 50 W/100 W/150 W incandescent lamp. The Earth Light compact fluorescent lamp in the 12-W and 16-W versions has the look of a standard 60 W incandescent lamp while using 75% less energy than its replacement. The company also announced a two-year guarantee on its line of halogen lamps, which have an incandescent-like shape. The Hi-Vision phosphor technology is now available for all 4 ft, T8 fluorescent lamps, including Advantage Plus and ALTO (low mercury content) lines. This product has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 78 and offers 95% lumen maintenance. The company also unveiled a joint venture with Hewlett-Packard to offer Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in clusters for certain decorative, security, and other outdoor applications.

750 W pulse-start metal halide lamps Venture Lighting introduced a 750 W lamp to its line of pulse-start metal halide lamps. Providing 80,000 lumens, the lamp has a rated life of 12,000 hours in an enclosed, clear, base up version. In the universal burning type, the lamp offers

72,000 lumens. Ballasts for the lamp include CWA versions in 120-V/208-V/240-V and 277- V/347-V/480-V, as well as a 277-V controlled-current reactor type.

Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps Advance Transformer Co. introduced its series of Centium Micro 1.0 electronic ballasts for the instant start operation of F32T8 or F25T8 fluorescent lamps. In addition, a line of electronic ballasts for one, two, three or four lamp operation of F17T8, F25 T8 and F32T8 rapid start lamps have a new "small can" design. To serve T8 high output lamps, the company offers a choice between the low initial cost of a Mark III magnetic ballast or the performance capability of an electronic ballast. The HO lamps are suited for parking garages, gas station canopies, warehouses and retail applications.

Electronic linear fluorescent lamp ballasts MagneTek's new generation of electronic (Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) less than 10%) linear fluorescent lamp ballasts have a 40% reduction in size, thus allowing for shallower fixtures. In addition, the ballasts feature universal input voltage (108V to 305 V) to simplify inventory concerns. The reduced harmonic (THD<20%) products for T8s are also smaller in cross-section. The same universal voltage feature is offered for the compact fluorescent ballast line. A line of AccuStart ballasts is ideal for frequently switched applications or as a rapid-start alternative to the instant-start ballast design. An upgrade of the Ballastar line of dimming electronic ballasts features over-voltage protection of the control circuit and low 5% dimming levels. The HID ballast line offers smaller, lighter units, and improved temperature performance for Pulse Start and standard metal halide lamps.

Low-profile emergency ballast The Bodine Co., Inc. has the LP500 low profile emergency ballast for T5 lamps. With a height of 1 inch, it can be put inside the ballast channel of a pendant, surface mounted or low profile linear fluorescent fixture.

Lighting control products Leviton introduced a new family of lighting control products offering a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. A single wall box device provides scene-lighting capability as well as multi-point control. The Touch Multi-Location product line requires only the touch of a finger on the wall device to achieve on/off function or dimming. Single-pole and three-way wiring capability built into the same device and color change kits simplify inventory requirements for installers of both residential and commercial projects. Leviton also showcased a new line of twisted pair lighting controls for commercial and institutional facilities that uses LonWorks technology which achieves interoperability with other building control systems. For example, lighting controls, motor controls, HVAC, security and fire alarm systems from different manufacturers can work together.

Lighting dimmer Lutron Electronics Co., introduced the Nova T 2000 W dimmer, which can handle up to 1960 W, so a continuous lighting load on a 20 A circuit can be served by a single dimming unit. An electronic dimming ballast line provides 1% dimming for the new 54 W, T5 HO linear fluorescent lamps; it is 1 inch high and 1.18 inch wide, making it ideal for low-profile fixtures. The Tu-Wire line now includes dimming ballasts for 120 V, 32 W T8 lamps, as well as for 120 V 18 W, 26 W, and 32 W, 4-pin triple and quad-tube compact fluorescent lamps. The Spacer System allows four-scene, hand-held IR remote control.

Automatic relay pack The Watt Stopper Inc. offers the Automatic Relay Pack (ARP) which can control lighting and other electrical loads. The ARP,offering distributed intelligent control, is wired to a junction box close to the two electrical loads it controls. This reduces the cost of branch circuit wiring and low voltage switch wiring required when a centralized control panel is used for controlling smaller spaces.

The Automatic Control Panel (ACP), available in networked or hard wired versions, allows relays in the panel to respond to on/off commands from any switch, occupancy sensor, system clock or other signaling device. The system uses a LonWorks based networked communication protocol.

Pendant luminaires Hubbell Lighting Inc., offers the Ocean Pendant Series of pendant luminaires in two housing sizes, in black or white and six hand-blown glass reflectors, for halogen, fluorescent or metal halide light sources.

Sports floodlight Cooper Lighting has the Allstar sports floodlight, featuring a vertical aiming pivot that eliminates the need for aiming after relamping; internal louvers designed as integral optical elements eliminate unwanted glare light trespass.

Parking garage luminaire Lithonia Lighting has a parking garage luminaire using a segmented enclosure that provides both uplight and downlight while shielding against source glare. Called the PGR unit, it uses an acrylic plastic lens to provide up lighting. A 150 W HID floodlight features an aluminum die-cast housing. The unit fills out a line of architectural units from 35 W to 1000 W. The Synergy lighting control system integrates switching, dimming, energy management, daylight, lumen and lamp maintenance tracking. It uses the industry standard building automation ARCNET protocol for networking.

Additions to a family of luminaries for office and commercial applications Lightolier showed five additions to its Alter Soft Lights family consisting of 11 shallow 2 by 2-ft luminaires for office and other commercial applications. The fixtures accept T5 bi-tube and T8 fluorescent lamps with a choice of magnetic, electronic, or electronic dimming ballasts. The family of 10 Silhouette luminaires use T5 lamps and electronic ballasts in thin profile housing. Units have indirect, indirect/direct, and direct light distributions. Metallics is a completely new accent lighting system consisting of modular die-cast aluminum housings for line- and low-voltage incandescent and metal halide light sources.

Lighting fixture that produces color changes and creates chasing effects Color Kinetics, a leader in LED light source products, has the CMR 18 that replaces the tungsten halogen lamp of a low voltage MR11 and MR 16 fixture to provide dramatic color changes. The Color Cove allows advanced lighting design flexibility, such as the ability to create dynamic chasing effects. Its low profile, modular design is easy to install in tight spaces and in curved areas.

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