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Track lighting maximizes energy MH2 Track Fixture Series is said to be a new concept in track lighting that maximizes energy efficiency, lamp life, light output and color quality. The series is designed to use the full range of PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 and ED-17 ceramic arc metal-halide lamps, and features a unique modular ballast/fixture format that reduces fixture size and maximizes versatility. The MH2

Track lighting maximizes energy

MH2 Track Fixture Series is said to be a new concept in track lighting that maximizes energy efficiency, lamp life, light output and color quality. The series is designed to use the full range of PAR20/PAR30/PAR38 and ED-17 ceramic arc metal-halide lamps, and features a unique modular ballast/fixture format that reduces fixture size and maximizes versatility. The MH2 Series includes the sleekly-styled Conix enclosed fixture, the open-back Pro-Gimbal Ring fixture, a low-profile rectangular flood and mini-high-bay-style pendants with a choice of metal reflector. Juno Lighting
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Dimming controls come in colors to match many toggle switches

Ariadni dimming controls match existing toggle switches in white, ivory, almond, light almond and brown colors. The controls allow the creation of many lighting moods. They feature on/off toggle switches that bring lights on to a pre-selected level, true three-way switching, a shallow 1-in.-deep back cover for easy installation, power failure memory and RFI suppression. Lutron
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Wallwash system accentuates textured walls

The Spredlight 30 MH metal-halide linear wallwash system is designed to light walls from architectural cover using PAR-30 metal-halide spot lamps. The luminaire provides a grazing illumination on vertical surfaces that produce no reflections on highly polished surfaces such as marble and granite, while accentuating the richness of textured walls, including brick, stone, fabric or other wall coverings. Edison Price Lighting
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PAR-38 lamp works like a luminaire

The Alterna halogen PAR-38 lamp with a replaceable inner capsule is said to be the first lamp that works like a lighting fixture. The lamp features a flip-top lens that easily pops open for quick replacement of the halogen capsule allowing the entire reflector shell and lens to be reused. By replacing only the inner capsule, component users can reduce their costs on lamp replacements, freight and storage. These lamps can also use exclusive Xtra-Life 5,000-hour double-life capsules to greatly reduce lamp and labor costs. Litetronics
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HID fixture kits travel easily

The Val-U-Pak Plus line of HID Fixture Service Kits is designed for electrical contractors and MRO service personnel. The kit includes an Advance core and coil HID ballast, a system-matched HID lamp, a capacitor and ignitor as required and all necessary mounting hardware and instructions. All components are packaged in a sturdy corrugated box with a comfortable handle, making the kit ideal for long-term storage and easy transport to fixture locations. Six of the nine VAL-U-PAK Plus offerings include new “5-TAP” models for operation on 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V and 480V systems. These kits are available for the operation of 250W, 400W and 1,000W metal-halide lamps, plus 250W, 400W and 1,000W high pressure sodium lamps. The remaining three kits contain “Quadri-Volt” ballasts. These are available for the operation of 175W metal halide lamps, 100W medium-base and 150W mogul-base high pressure sodium lamps. Advance Transformer
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Luminaires provide various dimming options

Recessed fluorescent lighting applications can be adjusted for various eye-comfort levels easily with Analog Wall Box Controls. Two systems are available. The Address Pro Wall Box Control Station allows the user to control light fixtures with an on/off switch or with a slide control to decrease or increase the light level. The Dim 10 analog Preset Wall Control provides four factory-programmed light levels, with a button designated for each, and an on/off switch. The control also has a built-in infrared receiver that interfaces with an included handheld remote control. The remote controls the on/off function, sets light levels and selects the four preset light levels. Ruud Lighting
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Floodlight illuminates various outdoor sites

Wide-Beam Floodlight is the professional-grade lighting solution for construction sites, heavy-equipment maintenance areas, farming, boat yards, emergency response and other applications requiring high-quality, high-output illumination from a compact, portable unit. The beam pattern is NEMA Type 7 to cover the widest possible area. Outstanding features of the Wide-Beam Floodlight include a UL-listed waterproof design; die-cast heavy-gauge aluminum construction with a polyester finish that resists chipping, peeling and fading; a thermal-shock and impact-resistant lens that prevents breakage; and a patented hinge-door. It comes with a 15-ft supply cord and a molded plug, plus is supplied complete with a lamp, guard and stand. McGill
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Ballast provides dual-wattage operation

The e-Vision electronic ballast for HID lamps provides IntelliVolt or dual-wattage lamp operation. IntelliVolt allows ballast operation with input voltages from 120V to 277V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz. The dual-wattage feature allows the ballast to operate both 35W and 50W lamps, or both 70W and 100W lamps, depending on the ballast model. Advance Transformer
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Low-voltage fixtures provide precise lighting

The Magic Wand ALR12 and ALR18 low-voltage adjustable accent lights are compact, flexible and provide optically-precise lighting with superior beam control. The fixture features 360-deg adjustment in both planes, allowing light to hit anything in a living space. Measuring ¾-in. tall, the fixture can fit into a cover or behind a valance. It come five versions to fit the latest reflector lamps. Edison Price Lighting
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Fixtures light the highest warehouse stack

The HBS100 series of industrial fluorescent fixtures illuminate even the highest warehouse stack. This unique highly energy-efficient lighting fixture provides the clean white light of today's high-intensity narrow diameter fluorescent lamps in a design that evenly distributes it from the source to the work surface, shedding a new light on using fluorescent fixtures in high-bay distribution and retail warehouses. The HBS100 also maintains its intensity over its 20,000-hour rated life to provide consistent illumination. Los Angeles Lighting
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Lighting calculator works remotely

The PocketAGI is a new interior lighting zonal cavity calculator for Palm-OS handheld digital assistants. It's designed for electrical contractors and engineers, lighting sales representatives, lighting designers, interior designers and architects who need to produce fast estimates away from the office. The product allows the user to obtain accurate interior estimates for commercial or industrial lighting projects while on the road away from the computer. Working on a Palm operating system personal digital assistant, the contractor or lighting representative can easily select a photometric file, enter the room details and desired light level (or number of fixtures) and receive immediate answers. Lighting Analysts
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Fixture delivers performance and versatility

With 10 available optic solutions, the Superbay Series of fixtures delivers performance and works with a single ballast and 10 different optics. High quality spun aluminum reflectors or precision molded crystal clear acrylic prisms are available in 14-in. to 22-in. diameters. Two choices in low-brightness refractors are available for low-bay applications. The refractors deliver wide-light distributions without harsh shadows, creating optimum levels of visual performance. Hubbell Lighting
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Compact fluorescent lamps provide long life

The Biax high-output compact fluorescent lamps come in 57W and 70W versions. The lamps feature high lumen output, long life, amalgam technology and end-of-life protection. The lamps combine a high luminous output with compact size and four-tube shape. Wide operating temperature range and long life (12,000 hours), make the lamps suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. GE Lighting
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Lighting fixture support withstands extremes

The Gard-N-Post is a nonmetallic support for outdoor light fixtures or GFCI wiring devices with weatherproof covers. UV-rated and corrosion-resistant, it can withstand extreme outdoor use. In place of a coat of paint that could chip, a colorant runs through the product. The fixture comes in four colors that will not chip because of the colorant. The UL-listed enclosure offers two knockouts and a grounded metal bushing assembly, in place. Arlington Industries
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Occupancy sensor integrates with low-voltage relay lighting control panels

This ultrasonic occupancy sensor is designed to integrate with the company's low-voltage relay lighting control panels. With the capability of controlling individual or groups of relays via the panel, the WP sensor affords combination of occupancy-based and scheduled control for a wide variety of applications such as offices, conference rooms, restrooms, lobbies and corridors. The Watt Stopper
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Energy-efficient lamps fit residential and commercial applications

The Mini Lynx Spiral lamps are Energy Star accepted products designed to fit into most household table lamps as well as commercial and residential recessed fixtures. The Spiral family has incorporated a high power factor ballast for power quality with low THD. These lamps also have a 10,000-hour life and 800 series trichromatic phosphors to ensure superior color rendering. The lamps are available in 2,700-, 3,500- and 4,100∞K temperatures and 15W, 20W and 23W. SLI Lighting Corp.
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