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Self-propelled lift is designed for general overhead work The Model 20DVL AXXESSOR driveable vertical personnel lift is designed for all types of overhead work. The new personnel lift has a 19-ft, 6-in. platform height, 350-lb. platform capacity and is only 29-in. wide so it can be driven through standard doors. In a stowed configuration, the lift can be driven at 2.5 mph, with the power to climb

Self-propelled lift is designed for general overhead work

The Model 20DVL AXXESSOR driveable vertical personnel lift is designed for all types of overhead work. The new personnel lift has a 19-ft, 6-in. platform height, 350-lb. platform capacity and is only 29½-in. wide so it can be driven through standard doors. In a stowed configuration, the lift can be driven at 2.5 mph, with the power to climb grades as steep as 20%, or at 0.6 mph while elevated to full height. Designed for slab operation in construction and maintenance, the rugged lift uses maintenance-free deep cycle batteries, with a built-in, automatic charger with a short five-hour recharge capability and direct electric drive for long battery duty cycles. JLG Industries Inc.
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Floor patching triples the strength of concrete

Floor Savers floor maintenance and repair products are all-purpose concrete patching compounds that can be easily applied by plant maintenance personnel. Featuring excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, they cure at room temperature and achieve compressive strengths of 8,000-9,000 psi, more than three times the typical strength of concrete. Easily trowelable to a nonporous finish, these durable compounds provide excellent resistance to water, oils, solvents and alkalis and are acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants. Their nonsagging formulation will not run or drip when used on vertical or overhead applications. Devcon Floor Savers
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Control transformer is encapsulated

The Series B, Industrial Control Transformer product family is encapsulated, copper wound with IEC 707/ISO Class 1210 molded terminal blocks. Primary and secondary fuse holders are included in the new Series B transformer product family. Standard NEMA power ratings from 50VA through 1,000VA are also available. The transformer is available in two popular voltage configurations. Transformers are encapsulated to seal the transformer windings against moisture and industrial contaminants. Extra deep, molded terminal barriers reduce the chance of electrical failure and the rugged steel frame construction is best suited for all industrial environments. Sola/Hevi-Duty
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Wire management product line is expanded to offer cord grips

The Tuff-Seal line of wire management products and related products has been expanded to offer a comprehensive line of cord grips. Product families within the line include strain-relief cord connectors, liquid-tight connectors and watertight conduit hubs. Remke Industries Inc.
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Wire-pulling lubricant now available in handy small bottles

ClearGlide wire-pulling lubricant until now had only been available in relatively large quantities, but now the lubricant also comes in packages of six handy 4-ounce bottles. The smaller bottles are well-suited for small indoor or retrofit jobs where only a dab in the conduit or on the wires is enough to get the job done right without the mess. The lubricant is safe on all cable types and remains stable over a wide range of temperatures. Ideal Industries Inc.
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Emergency-notification center is fully supervised

The Millennium System Master is a fully-supervised personnel notification control system for both emergency facility evacuations and everyday process control communications. The system is simple to program and operate using a nine-button keypad and an easy-to-read, 40-character LCD display, with Dynamic Zone Control (DZC). DZC enables zone reconfiguration through a series of simple keystrokes without the need for expensive system rewiring. Edwards Signaling
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Coax connector reduces cable termination time

The EZ Twist F-type coax connector is said to dramatically reduce coax cable termination time. No tools or crimping are required. To terminate, simply twist the connector onto the cable for a secure, high-performance connection. The connector also eliminates screw-on connections to outlets. Simply push the connector onto an outlet to lock it in place and pull to remove. This feature is best for limited spaces. The Siemon Co.
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Fluorescent fixture saves more than 80%

Ergolight is an office direct/indirect fluorescent lighting fixture that integrates occupancy sensors, personal dimming controls, daylight dimming and facility-wide scheduling to aggressively save energy. Ledalite Architectural Products Inc.
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Manufacturer upgrades all brands of cargo trailers

The manufacturer has upgraded its product line of Avenger, Avalanche, Competitor, Competitor ST, Competitor VS, Vindicator, VSR-7 and VNC series trailers, which have been upfitted with new equipment for 2002. The company solved the problem of boxy fenders that dent easily with a redesign that provides a more aerodynamic profile. Avenger Corp.
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Colored patch cord line has been expanded

This expanded patch cord line provides a variety of new colored Cat. 5, HiPerlink 1000 (Cat. 5e) and HiPerlink 6 (Cat. 6 channel compliant) patch cords. The patch cords are available in seven colors: black, white, gray, yellow, red, green and blue (standard color), and five lengths: 3 ft, 5 ft, 7 ft, 10 ft and 14 ft. Blue patch cords are also available in 1 ft, 20 ft and 25 ft lengths. All of the manufacturer's category-rated patch cords are designed to achieve high performance levels with increased bandwidth. ICC
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Large frame contactors are for motor control

This large frame family of Sirius 3R contactors and overload relays comes in three sizes rated from 115A to 500A that can be used for either AC or DC applications. Simple coil replacement and common accessories across the entire Sirius 3R product family are available. Sirius 3R is a modular system of contactors, overload relays, motor starter protectors, control relays and timers with a compact design to save cabinet space and speed installation. All three sizes of the large frame Sirius 3R contactors have an easy access AC/DC coil system featuring a “Universal Current” (UC) coil rated for both AC (40Hz through 60Hz) and DC voltages. Only 13 different coil ranges can cover control voltages from 24V to 600V AC and DC. Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
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Insert makes raceway installation a snap

Dubbed the “Potato Chip,” this insert fits into the tee fittings of two-compartment raceways to provide independent pathways for electrical wiring and data/communication cabling. It allows contractors to install a two-channel raceway as a vertical drop with the smaller (power) channel on either the right or left. Because it is reversible, the insert accommodates either configuration, enabling wires and cables to be easily fed into a horizontal perimeter raceway. The raceway is included with tee fittings of two compartment raceways, including the manufacturer's 5400, 5500 and 2300 and Eclipse Series Raceway Systems. The Wiremold Co.
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Fire stop fills the gap with a consistent thickness

The Metraflex MetraSeal 120 is a fast, permanent, fireproof, waterproof, intumescent, mechanical seal that works as a fire stop, filling the gap with a consistently verifiable thickness around any steel, copper tubing, and up to 2-in. PVC/CPVC pipe. Unlike caulk, which can take up to 12 days to cure and meet Code, the seal has no curing time, so it meets Code the moment it is installed. UL-listed with up to a two-hour fire-protection rating (one-hour rating on PVC/CPVC), it has an intumescent formulation that causes the seal to swell and form a hard, crust-like barrier when exposed to fire, holding back fire and water and helping to minimize damage. The product can be used where round piping penetrates a round hole in floors and ceilings, as well as foundations. The Metraflex Co.
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Optical-fiber bracket routes up to eight 3mm cables

The OFB3P-4-19 optical-fiber bracket has four slots for routing up to eight 3mm jacketed fiber cables. It snaps into a board or panel for a secure mechanical mount. The bracket fits into a 0.187-in. diameter hole in a 0.064-in. maximum thick panel. It also has an anti-rotational pin that requires a 0.125-in. diameter hole, 0.375-in. from center to center of the mounting hole.The anti-rotation pin provides additional protection for the cables. The part is standard in a V-0 rated flame retardant material. Richco Inc.
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Connectors are watertight for direct burial

The SafetySub line of underground splice and tap connectors are dual-rated for copper or aluminum conductors from #10 to #350 MCM, offering wide range-taking capabilities for up to eight ports. They are suitable for direct burial without epoxy or taping. Simply cut ends to wire size, insert the conductor, tighten thesetscrews and replace the caps. The EPDM rubber-encapsulated Safety-Sub offers reliability, durability and flexibility not available in any other watertight connector rated for 600V. These connectors have been specified and used for decades in the utility industry. Ilsco
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Estimating software connects with accounting software

This software vendor has enabled its electrical contractor users to export information from their estimates to one of the industry's most popular accounting systems, with the touch of just a few keys. With this new updated Export function, users can send information to the Forefront systems from Dexter + Chaney. Job information and bid summaries will be electronically converted into a format for Dexter + Chaney systems. By eliminating the need to re-key the information, this new update will save contractors time and money. McCormick Estimating Systems
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Lamps are shatter-resistant for safety

These plastic-coated, shatter-resistant lamps are said be the first protective lighting products to achieve UL classification. In addition to achieving UL certification, Shat-R-Shield's products are NSF certified. This insures that Shat-R-Shield products are safe for contact with food. UL certification confirms that Shat-R-Shield products meet or exceed rigorous UL environmental and public health safety standards. Shat-R-Shield
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