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Expanded anchor line provides superior load capacities The manufacturer has expanded its offering of the Wedge-Bolt anchor line with a 3/16-in. diameter size that provides superior load capacities over both the 3/16-in. and -in. Tapcon-type concrete screw anchors. They are also removable and reusable. Powers FastenersCircle 256 on Reader Service Card MH fixture does double wallwashing The Arclite

Expanded anchor line provides superior load capacities

The manufacturer has expanded its offering of the Wedge-Bolt anchor line with a 3/16-in. diameter size that provides superior load capacities over both the 3/16-in. and ¼-in. Tapcon-type concrete screw anchors. They are also removable and reusable. Powers Fasteners
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MH fixture does double wallwashing

The Arclite T6 DWW is a recessed 7-in. aperture, lensed double wallwasher for 70W or 150W T-6 ceramic metal-halide lamps. The fixture is designed for double wallwashing opposite walls with high ceilings such as those found in elevator lobbies or corridors. Edison Price Lighting
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Chassis/power supply now delivers 1,200W

The MVP chassis/front-end power supply has increased output power to 1,200W. The four strategically-sized chassis each have a built-in Power Factor Corrected front end. These chassis enable the installed MVP output models to deliver maximum power levels up to 1,200W. Astec Power
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Cable plow blades dig through tough soils

The Cable Drop Pull Blades are built for use on small and mid-size cable plows and are available in multiple sizes. They come in a standard hard-surfaced blade, a carbon-impregnated blade for use in tough, abrasive soils and a carbide blade with sod cutters. All types are available with 12-in., 18-in. and 24-in. blade lengths. McLaughlin Mfg. Co.
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Flexible drill bits provide optimum solution

This new line of flexible drill bits enables electricians and datacom installers to drill and fish wire in one easy step. The bits are mounted on ultra-pliable shafts with holes to accommodate fishing wire on the tip and shank, making them effective in areas behind ceilings, walls and floors. The bits can be inserted through small wall openings, allowing the operator to bore holes through studs within wall cavities. Ideal Industries
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Field termination kit improves field terminations

The MT-RJ field termination kits improve system performance and increase installation yield rates. The kit features a complete set of termination tools along with a compact Visual Fault Locator. The palm-size dual-laser light source launches visible light into the connector, which identifies conditions that degrade connector performance. The Siemon Co.
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Cable analyzer offers total Cat. 6 test and certification solution

The DSP-4300 Digital Cable Analyzer is a cable testing and certification solution for high-speed copper and fiber networks. Promoted by the vendor as the newest member of the only cable tester line verified by both UL and ETL SEMKO to exceed requirements for Cat. 5e and Cat. 6 with Level III Accuracy, the tester offers numerous enhancements over previous models. These include more on-board memory, a cable ID download capability, enhanced Cat. 6 channel adapters (including the Channel/Traffic adapter) and Permanent Link adapters. The meter has increased on-board memory to 16 MB, said to be enough memory to hold 300 graphical Cat. 6 tests — up to a full day's worth of testing with graphs. Fluke Networks
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Emergency lighting system comes with remote or direct-mounted lamps

Designed for hazardous, corrosive applications, the CID2 non-metallic emergency lighting system comes with the choice of either remote or direct-mounted fixtures.

Capable of providing up to 90 minutes of emergency operation, the system operates on a solid-state charger that maintains the sealed-cell, maintenance-free battery at full charge. During emergency operation, the battery is protected from deep discharge by a low-voltage disconnect (LVD) circuit. The system is rated NEMA 3R (raintight), and is ruggedly built from compression molded, fiberglass reinforced polyester, formed with a continuous silicone gasket. It can be used in both NEC Class I, Div. 2 areas, as well as for Class I, Zone 2 rated applications. OZ/Gedney, EGS Electrical Group
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System extends copper and optical functionality

The small form-factor pluggable system offers a full line of copper and optical products that enable high-speed data transfer up to 2.5 Gigabits per second. Applications include network switches, routers, servers, storage devices, network interface cards and host bus adapters. Molex
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Retrofit option eases power meter upgrades

A switchboard-case retrofit option for the ION 7300, ION 7330 and ION 7350 power meters is now available. When equipped with this option, the meter comes pre-wired within a sturdy metal frame, complete with a control panel and LCD display mounted in its removable front cover. Installation is then a matter of plugging the device into an existing GE S-1 or ABB FT-21 switchboard case. The retrofit is best for replacing older metering devices. A quick-disconnect system draws out, eliminating manually disconnect any wiring. Power Measurement
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Metal-halide lamp produces high color rendering

The High-Watt Constant Color Ceramic Metal-Halide lamp is for applications where color and efficiency are essential. The lamp offers a color rendering index as high as 94, which makes color and textures look true-to-life. It also offers enhanced color consistency. GE Lighting
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Narrow head reversible ratchet reduces slippage

This narrow head reversible ratchet for socket wrenching fits in tight quarters. It needs only 11 deg of arc to engage any nut or bolt head. Designed for tighter tolerances between pawl and gear, it reduces metal fatigue and slippage under load. Also, an easy access reverse lever allows user to change working direction quickly and easily with only one hand. Available in ¼-, ⅜- and ½-in. drives in lengths up to 15 in., the lightweight and durable narrow-head ratchet has fewer working parts for greater reliability and simpler repair. Chrome plating stops corrosion. J.H. Williams
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Wireless security system is self-contained

The NT9201 Envoy self-contained wireless security system is designed to trigger an external siren, backup communicator or lighting control module. The NT9202 output module provides one dedicated burglary and one dedicated fire output. Both outputs are open collector transistor and can be configured to be normally open or normally closed. The fire output has the option to be pulsing or steady. The output module measures 2¾ in. long by 1¾ in. wide, small enough to mount inside a cabinet or on a wall using the two-sided adhesive foam provided. Digital Security Controls Ltd.
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Epoxy connectors complement fiber-optic line

The manufacturer's fiber-optic line has been expanded to include a variety of epoxy connectors. The Fast Cure connector system features anaerobic adhesive connectors that terminate in less than 5 min. for simple installations. The connectors are also said to feature a proven high-performance insertion loss of 0.3dB. Available in single-mode and multimode versions, the connectors come in a variety of configurations including ST, SC, FC and LC Simplex. A Hardner and Primer kit, bag of 100 replacement needles and new crimp tool are also available. Leviton Voice & Data
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Connectors provide low-cost tab connections

The Faston Connector provides a low cost alternative for 0.250-in. × 0.032-in. tab connections. This product is suitable for applications with few mating and unmating cycles and may be used in applications with limited current switching or cycling requirements. Some of the applications include off-road equipment, lawn and garden equipment, instrumentation, motors and power supplies. The product features an insulated wire barrel, which provides wire strain relief. The insulation is economical PVC, the terminal body is tin plated brass and the wire support sleeve is tin plated copper. Tyco Electronics
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