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Wire cart allows one person to handle up to six wire reels The Caddy Mac 4 general-purpose wire cart has capacity to handle six 8-in. or 16-in. wire reels. A reel spindle locking system prevents lost retaining clips. Up to five spindles can be stored quickly without tools or attaching pins. The cart allows one person to load large reels easily. Large 10-in. transport wheels are able to tackle any

Wire cart allows one person to handle up to six wire reels

The Caddy Mac 4 general-purpose wire cart has capacity to handle six 8-in. or 16-in. wire reels. A reel spindle locking system prevents lost retaining clips. Up to five spindles can be stored quickly without tools or attaching pins. The cart allows one person to load large reels easily. Large 10-in. transport wheels are able to tackle any job-site terrain. The cart is said to be priced for budgets of all sizes. The manufacturer also makes material lifts and carts, electrician tools and jack and roller stands. Sumner Manufacturing
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Compact HID floodlight is designed for higher wattages

The Floodzilla is a compact, large wattage HID floodlight designed for 250W and 400W metal-halide and high-pressure-sodium fixtures. Floodzilla is available with steel trunnion or integral slip fitter mount for easy mounting and aiming flexibility. Optional mounting brackets are also available. RAB Electric Manufacturing
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Raceway features labor-saving design

The TSRP power-rated raceway system is manufactured from a UL 94 V-0-rated, non-flammable PVC and UL-listed for power up to 600V. The raceway features a sleek design, labor-saving features and integration with the manufacturer's raceway line. Features include a robust latching mechanism for increased tamper resistance, sturdy wall thickness, secure fittings to accommodate different installation requirements and a strong adhesive backing to ease installation before permanent mounting. Hellermann Tyton
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Track-lighting halogen fixture produces high light level

The Quartz Halogen Wall Washer fixture adapts to major track lighting systems. The fixture, which produces a high light level over a large area, is best for illuminating large artwork or general wall-washing applications. W.A.C. Lighting
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Tool box is soft but sturdy

The ToolPak ToolTote toolbox is made of rugged nylons and webbing. It features an oversized opening for easy access that can be quickly zipped closed to keep tools inside, a rigid bottom that won't scratch surfaces and 14 external pockets of various sizes to accommodate various tools. An optional shoulder strap allows the toolbox to be carried. Paktek Inc.
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Clip-on mini light features Xenon lamp

The airtight and watertight Mini-Clip light uses a Xenon lamp that is customized to fit on a cap, safety glasses, hardhat or a clipboard to provide hands-free light in the darkest places. The light comes complete with two alkaline AAA batteries, measures 0.75-in. by 2.9-in. by 1.2-in and outputs 1.13W of power. Ameripak
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Cable-management cabinets offer security and functionality

The Mighty Mo cable-management cabinets offer security, aesthetics and functionality for applications that require a secure telecommunications closet where no telecommunications room exists. Additions include the full-size management cabinet available in four sizes, and the redesigned wall-mount cabinet available in five sizes. The 32-in. wide full-size cabinet includes two of vertical cable management channels. All full-size cabinets come standard with a curved safety glass front door, removable side panels and a solid rear door, all with locks that are keyed alike. The cabinets come with ventilation fans, four mounting rails and cable access at the top and bottom. Ortronics
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Software product allows remote attendance tracking

The Jobclock hardware and software package allows remote job- time and attendance tracking using a complete software program, iButtons, Handspring and Palm PDA's and the latest PC technology. The heart of the system is a small, construction-grade time clock that can be affixed and left at the job site. Because it's weatherproof, tamper-proof and battery powered, it is self-contained. Employees clock in and out via miniature ibuttons designed to be carried on their key chains. The supervisor can come to the job site at any time and in a few seconds download the attendance records via the infrared strobe built into the clock to the PDA. ATEC
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Two-component dispenser works like a one-component system and features ergonomic design

The Mixpac system offers dispensing of 1:1, 2:1, 3:2, 4:1 and 10:1 volumetric ratios all within one dispenser. The ergonomically designed dispenser is said to provide a mechanical advantage over manual dispensers. The cartridge design has separate cylinders and a stronger attachment flange to allow for higher dispensing pressures. An interface with separated outlets between cartridge and mixer or cap eliminates the possibility of cross contamination and avoids plugged cartridges. This allows the user to reuse the cap for resealing the cartridge. An enhanced design of the static mixers allows for the storing, mixing and dispensing of higher viscosity adhesives. Higher dispensing pressures also allow for use of smaller mixers, promoting less waste. ConProTec
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Time and material billing software speeds invoicing process

This time-and-material-billing software for contractors simplifies and speeds up the billing process with computerized invoicing. The program replaces cumbersome manual systems and improves the turnaround time for billing, therefore increasing the bottom line. It also provides an increased level of accuracy with built-in material pricing that can be updated instantaneously using e-catalogs. The program's database allows contractors to store items such as materials, labor and tools to easily generate and assign work orders. The software allows the user to create multiple invoices for a particular job. Estimation Inc.
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Micro-coaxial cables flex for high-end applications

This family of flexible micro-coaxial cables is designed for workstations and automated test equipment in the 36AWG to 48AWG range. The cables feature maximum signal integrity, low skew (line to line), low EMI and virtually no crosstalk. Hitachi Cable Manchester Inc.
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Miniaturized electronic ballasts suit small fixtures

The Matchbox line of miniaturized electronic ballasts is designed to operate a variety of four-pin compact fluorescent lamps. The ballasts are especially suitable for smaller lighting fixtures, including ambience and outdoor residential lighting. Advance Transformer Co.
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Ionization smoke alarm features tamper-proof lithium batteries

The Firex 4671 long-life lithium battery ionization smoke alarm is tamper-proof to prevent the removal of its long-life lithium batteries. The smoke alarm has a two-way activation switch that allows the installer to engage and disengage the batteries to save battery life. Invensys
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Connectors allow for quick disconnect of cables

The SB/PP family of connectors features a 180A bus bar contact that attaches directly to a copper bus. The attachment allows quick connect and disconnect of cables to save time and money. Anderson Power Products
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Scaleable UPS system grows with infrastructure power

The Galaxy PW scalable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system allows the purchase of power as infrastructure grows. Protecting from 50 to 300 servers, the UPS system includes six scaleable models in power ratings from 100kVA to 225kVA and one of the industry's smallest footprints. It incorporates battery management, with automated load testing of batteries. The Galaxy PW interfaces with SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus, TCP/IP and RS232-RS485 protocols and is UL-1778 and cUL (Canada) approved. MGE UPS Systems
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Power supplies feature industrial-grade design

Three 24VDC power supplies, the SDN4-24-100, SDN8-24-100REDA and SDP4-24-100, are designed specifically to meet ODVA requirements for either thick or thin cable DeviceNet applications in process control, industrial control or building automation. All three power supplies feature industrial grade design including indefinite short-circuit, over-voltage and over-temperature protection, as well as a rugged DIN connector. Sola/Hevi-Duty
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Tool has colored ID labels

The ID PAL, a thermal transfer labeling tool, now has new ID label colors that include orange, green, red, blue and yellow. Colors can simplify infrastructure administration and maintenance by making the structure of the cabling more intuitive. Brady Worldwide
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Manhole-shaped underground distribution switchgear is sealed

The manhole-style Vista UDS features the standard vista three-pole load-interrupter switch, completely sealed in a rugged stainless-steel tank and insulated with SF6 gas. The cylindrical tank measures 29 ½ in. in diameter to fit through most manhole openings. Cable entrance and exit is via 600A bushings or optional 200A bushing wells. The unit is available through 15.5 kV at 630A continuous. Vista gear includes 600A load-interrupters. Operating controls are separated from elbows and cables. S&C Electric
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NM surface raceway is easy to install

This nonmetallic surface raceway is an easy-to-install system that offers a wide variety of wire management solutions. Three other designs are available. Premier multi-channel is an aesthetic, medium-capacity solution for classroom and office applications. Prestige multi-channel is a high-capacity system, said to be the only one on the market that is expandable after installation. Cove molding, available in single and multi-channel, combines the convenient features of a surface wiring installation within a building's natural contours. Thomas and Betts
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Power system maintenance program ensures reliability

PowerCare Advantage is said to be the first national maintenance program sponsored by an integrated power system manufacturer. It is designed to ensure the reliability of all brands of on-site power systems. The program uses the Cummins distributor network with 150 locations and features Cummins-certified technicians for 24/7 service. The regular power system maintenance is designed to identify minor service issues before they become costly performance issues. Cummins Power Generation
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Streamers provide temporary lighting

The flat-wire String-O-Lights offer a cost-effective option for temporary lighting. They are available in packages containing five to 10 socket-and-cage assemblies on 50-ft to 200-ft lengths of cable. The safety yellow cages are built from durable, impact-resistant plastic and accommodate up to 200W lamps. For fast installation and hassle-free re-lamping, the cages snap open and closed without the need for tools. McGill
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