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Four-way cross fitting offers bend/radius protection This four-way cross fitting offers bend-radius protection for the manufacturer's LD5, LDS5 or LDP5 raceways. The new fitting offers system flexibility for low-voltage applications. The fitting comes in one and two-piece low-voltage designs. Panduit Corp.Circle 249 on Reader Service Card Black cloth tape is abrasion resistant For wire-harness and

Four-way cross fitting offers bend/radius protection

This four-way cross fitting offers bend-radius protection for the manufacturer's LD5, LDS5 or LDP5 raceways. The new fitting offers system flexibility for low-voltage applications. The fitting comes in one and two-piece low-voltage designs. Panduit Corp.
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Black cloth tape is abrasion resistant

For wire-harness and electrical-maintenance applications, the Scapa 163 is a black cotton cloth tape that is single coated with an aggressive natural rubber, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Used as a wire-harness wrapping, the abrasion-resistant tape bonds well to most surfaces. Scapa Tapes
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Maintenance service extends trencher life

The manufacturer has introduced the Extended Care Program for three years/3,000 hours or five years/5,000 hours. The program is available for purchase on new T755 models and Commander series track trenchers or on units having less than 100 hours of use. Vermeer Mfg.
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Cordless wrench offers high torque

The 18V ½-in. cordless impact wrench features 240 ft/lb of torque, said to be the most torque of any cordless impact wrench available. The wrench allows users to drive large lag bolts or fasteners into concrete or wood and drill large (¾-in. or greater) holes into wood materials. The tool features a variable-speed switch for greater user control while tightening or loosening bolts and a speed range of zero to 1,400 RPMs. The wrench also features a soft-grip ergonomic handle. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
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Fiber-optic connector coupling protects fiber terminations

The ST-DRY fiber-optic coupling device is designed to completely protect the fiber-termination from wet environments that can irreversibly degrade optical fiber. Intended for wet, humid areas, the couplings are fabricated from corrosion- and chemical-resistant materials. Connection is as easy as mating with a standard ST coupler; special training and tooling are not required. Greene, Tweed & Co.
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Weatherproof junction boxes come in five different styles

The manufacturer has expanded its line of W Series cast-iron weatherproof junction boxes. Many sizes and a new style of box have been added. The heavy-duty boxes are offered with flanged or un-flanged covers in five different styles. The boxes house electrical wiring and can be buried or encased in concrete for years. Cooper Crouse-Hinds
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Fiber-optic cable assemblies now come in multimode

This line of fiber-optic cable assemblies for the frame and workstation is now available in both singlemode and multimode fiber. The assemblies come in a variety of mix and match connector configurations, including standard and hybrid combinations of MT-RJ, ST, SC and FC styles. Leviton Voice and Data Div.
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Multi-horsepower replacement motors save time and money

The Rescue series multi-horsepower motors are available in two types: a multi-horsepower furnace motor (gas or electric) and a multi-horsepower condenser fan motor. Both residential/light commercial motors give contractors “one-size-fits-all” flexibility. The motors provide many horsepower configurations. Emerson Motors
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Lanyard is designed for 100% tie-off fall-arrest

The Klein-Lite twin-leg deceleration lanyard is designed for use by construction professionals in 100% tie-off fall-arrest systems. The Model 87475 lanyard is engineered to allow one lanyard leg to always be connected to an anchorage point while a working position is being changed. Klein Tools
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Clamp meter offers reliable measurement in slim profile

The slim profile 730 Series 400A clamp meter, targeted for residential and commercial markets, provides electricians with a simple tool that measures AC voltage and resistance/continuity. The clamp meter's tapered jaws permit access to cables inside tight spaces. Ideal Industries Inc.
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Cable tie line has been expanded to include new sizes

This manufacturer has expanded its line of miniature, intermediate, standard and extra-heavy duty cable ties and added identification and releasable ties to its line of fastening products. The ties are molded from 6/6 nylon and are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, including weather-resistant black for use outdoors. They meet UL standard 1565 for wire-positioning devices. The cable ties allow the user to tie and identify bundles of cables in one operation. The tag area on the surface may be imprinted or written on. The ties are used to secure wire bundles and harness components quickly. 3M
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Palm-sized data logger can be used in harsh environments

The Vespo data loggers are a family of self-contained data loggers designed for a wide range of applications. The logger is housed in a 0.79 in. diameter by 4.72-in. long stainless steel housing with environmental ratings of IP68 for use in harsh environments. While connected to the user's computer, with the user-friendly high-level software package, the data logger can be programmed to store up to 32,300 readings between downloading of the data. Vespo
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Voltage tester combines safety and accuracy

The Vol-Con Elite voltage continuity tester combines the features of a solenoid tester, including a vibration mode and low-impendence ruggedness, with the advanced safety capabilities and higher-test accuracy provided by digital circuitry. The tester, designed for industrial, commercial and residential contractors, will not overheat over extended periods. The instrument's circuitry also eliminates the possibility of the tester creating a spike in the line, another concern when using a solenoid model. The product is said to be the first digital voltage/continuity tester with a vibration mode comparable to that on a solenoid tester. The non-contact voltage sensor can safely identify voltage up to 600V AC or 220V DC. This instrument is three testers in one. All three models are voltage testers, low-voltage indicators and non-switching continuity testers. Ideal Industries Inc.
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DC/DC converter features superior transient response

These single-output DC/DC converters feature stability in high-frequency applications, fixed switching frequency operation and no load/very high capacitive limits. Astec Power
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Luminaire lights large areas for safety and security

The KVF series of vertical lamped area lighting is specifically designed for large areas where safety and security are important considerations to property owners. Lithonia Lighting
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Color camera head provides better maneuverability

The SeeSnake video inspection system now features a smaller diameter color camera head with increased illumination. The 1⅜-in. camera head design give the user the ability to maneuver though lines and easily negotiate 90-deg bends and P-traps. The head features 45 fully adjustable super-bright LEDs that provide crisp, bright images in pipes, tubes, ducts, raceways and conduits. Ridge Tool Co.
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