Terrain leveler attachment expands track trencher The T1055 Commander trencher now features a terrain leveler, which uses a large cutting drum that is hydrostatically-controlled for greater drum-speed variability. The drum cuts down on the rock for better cutting efficiency. Vermeer Mfg. Co.Circle 257 on Reader Service Card Motor-starting switches come in range of enclosures The MS series of motor

Terrain leveler attachment expands track trencher

The T1055 Commander trencher now features a terrain leveler, which uses a large cutting drum that is hydrostatically-controlled for greater drum-speed variability. The drum cuts down on the rock for better cutting efficiency. Vermeer Mfg. Co.
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Motor-starting switches come in range of enclosures

The MS series of motor starting switches are now available in metal NEMA 1 enclosures. The devices are suitable for a range of industrial MRO applications, including manual on/off switching control of conveyor lines and other equipment. Leviton Mfg.
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Landscape lighting fixtures come in a wide variety

This 120V collection of line-voltage fixtures is for architectural and landscape lighting installations. The series includes uplights, accent lights, floodlights, in-ground and path lights, bollards and beacons. Mounting accessories include in-ground or tree-mount junction boxes; HID in-ground or above-ground ballast boxes; ground spikes and PVC mounting pedestals. The fixtures hold fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and HID lamps. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting
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Software helps the horizontal drilling professional

The Ditch Witch Subsite Trac Management System (TMS) Plus software package is an easy-to-use Windows-based computer program designed to assist the horizontal directional drilling professional. The software assists multiple bore plans for the same job, based on different HDD machines. The feature allows the user to select from several types of equipment, based on fleet availability. The Charles Machines Works
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Fastener enables rotation of bundles

The dual-swivel saddle mount installs between two bundles, such as wire or conduit, to separate them and prevent chaffing. The mount can be adjusted by hand, allowing the bundles to be crossed and rotated at any angle. The manufacturer's cable ties, which secure the bundles, are used with the dual swivel saddle mount. Accommodating cables up to ½-in. wide, the mount is manufactured from heat stabilized material, which is suitable for higher continuous temperature applications. Hellermann Tyton
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UPS offers sophisticated diagnostics and circuitry

The TreStar SX Series three-phase UPS system offers powerful protection with sophisticated diagnostics and advanced circuitry. Its double-conversion design completely isolates and conditions the power coming into the unit before it is distributed to the protected equipment. A user-friendly front panel gives access to 15 critical measurements and 33 different alarms, including power outage readings. Staco Energy Products Co.
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Coaxial cables have broad applications

These bundled and jacketed groups of coaxial cables have applications within ISP facilities, complex wide-area-networks and telco central offices. They contain up to 24 individual Type 735 coaxial components, each capable of transmitting 672 channels with a bandwidth of 44.7 MHz. The cables may be used as a system with the manufacturer's DS-1 (T-1) paired cable and DS-3 single coaxials, providing an integrated copper cabling solution for handling time-division multiplexed (TDM) digital signals. Applications include facilities where high bandwidth or multiple DS-1 circuits are employed such as central office environments interconnecting routers, bridges or switches. Quabbin Wire & Cable Co.
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Battery system offers flexible installation

The Safeguard DSV VRLA battery system offers efficient energy density, compact design and flexible installation. The system requires no acid handling and no cadmium, making it environmentally friendly. Dual low-resistant tin-plated copper connectors with ½-in. tin-plated copper posts, creates a safe, cool, solid connection. The DSV is composed of flame retardant 2V cells up to 2,000 Amphour (Ah) housed in individual cell compression jackets that are placed within the IBC 2000 Seismic zone four modular battery system. Internally, the lead/calcium/tin alloy is double “C” wrapped with microporous glass fibers to facilitate gas diffusion, optimize acid absorption and eliminate mossing shorts. Douglas Battery Mfg. Co.
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PC-compatible universal device programmers work easily

Models 864 and 865 PC-compatible universal device programmers are both designed for ease of use and fast reliable performance. They feature extensive device libraries that are constantly being updated. They offer an extensive line of socket adapters to interface with just about any IC package including PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, DIP, TQFP, SSOP, PSOP or QFP. B+K Precision
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Gas-powered cam-spray washer is portable and powerful

This gas-powered cold-water cam-spray washer makes it easy to clean machines in the field. A tube-frame metal cart rolls easy. Included are a three-gallon chemical tank with hose hooks and a wand holder and a 40-ft non-marking hose. Other features include a three-plunger pump, adjustable pressure, chemical injection, mechanical thermal relief valve, Honda 6.5 hp engine and a trigger gun with a 36-in. insulated wand. Sears Industrial
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Patch panel advances Cat. 6 connectivity

The Clarity Cat. 6 standard and high-density patch panel for Cat. 6 connectivity is said to be the first to offer complete component and channel standards compliance. The patch panels exceed TIA Cat. 6 (draft 9b) component compliance and are precisely targeted to the Clarity 6 patch cords for optimum performance that is field measurable in the channel. The panels use dual-reactance technology to enhance signal-to-noise ratio, providing a nearly transparent signal path. Ortronics
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Combo wrench sets prevent damage to fastener corners

The SuperCombo combination wrench sets feature Supertorque lobular openings to prevent fastener corner damage. The box-end design prevents rounding of nuts and bolt heads by applying all torque on the flats and providing no contact clearance at the corners. The 45-deg. chamfer on the open end allows for quick, positive fastener engagement. The wrench's open end has specially-designed grooves that direct wrench force away from fastener corners. The wrench sets are available in 7-, 11-, or 15-piece combinations. They range in size from ⅜- to 1-¼ in. open stock. They feature beveled corners to eliminate sharp edges on the handle for a safer and more comfortable grip. The J.H. Williams Company
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Tester troubleshoots wiring configurations

The PathFinder tester offers capabilities for mapping, testing and troubleshooting installed data communications, phone wiring and coaxial cable runs. Designed for simple one-man operation, the tester has a main unit that works with several remote components, each with a unique electronic address that allows for fast mapping of individual circuits and routing to cable endpoints. Ideal Industries
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