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Data transfer unit helps clients gather information The DTU-3xe allows fast, reliable, on-site data retrieval from the manufacturer's recorders. The data transfer unit provides the user with on-site, real-time readings and recorder battery and/or power input voltage measurements. A RS-232 connector collects information for end-of-day synchronization to a personal computer for analysis. Telog Instruments

Data transfer unit helps clients gather information

The DTU-3xe allows fast, reliable, on-site data retrieval from the manufacturer's recorders. The data transfer unit provides the user with on-site, real-time readings and recorder battery and/or power input voltage measurements. A RS-232 connector collects information for end-of-day synchronization to a personal computer for analysis. Telog Instruments Inc.
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Cloth tape is designed for electrical maintenance

Scapa 167 is a black, single-coated cloth tape for wire harness and electrical splicing applications. In addition to spot holding of wire harness assemblies, the tape also works for general-purpose repairs. Scapa Tapes
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Low-profile AC source comes standard with control

The ContinuousWave Programmable AC power source series complements the manufacturer's CW manual series source and comes standard with IEEE-488.2 and RS232 control. Elgar Electronics Corp.
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PVC bender custom bends ½ inch to 2 inch conduit

The HotTube PVC bender custom bends ½ inch to 2 inch PVC conduit. This bender simultaneously heats up to five bundles of ½ inch or three bundles of ¾ inch conduit without rotating. Gardner Bender
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Passive component meter measures inductance, capacitance and resistance

The Passive Component LCR Meter, Model 380193, measures inductance and capacitance with 0.7% accuracy. Resistance measurements range from 20 ohms to 20 Megohms with 0.5% accuracy. Measurements are displayed on a 4½ digit backlit LCD. Extech Instruments
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Power-quality line now includes UPSs

This line of UPSs consists of single phase, 115 V AC line-interactive and off-line models. Smaller models provide a simulated sinewave output; larger models offer a pure sinewave option. Leviton Mfg Co. Inc.
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Service kit includes essential tools in one package

The Technician's Service Kit, an assortment of installation and maintenance tools, includes the Ideal Punchmaster II Punchdown Tool, complete with 110 blade or an optional 66 blade. Ideal Industries Inc.
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Line-interactive UPS line gives versatility to users

The Encore Series provides a line-interactive UPS that gives versatility and control to users. The UPS protects against brownouts, surges, sags, spikes and other anomalies. Staco Energy Products Co.
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Fixture provides bright lighting in harsh areas

This weatherproof incandescent fixture provides energy-efficient, bright lighting in areas where moisture, dirt or corrosion is a problem. A protective powder coating is applied to the seamless, die-cast metal fixture to increase its water and corrosion resistance. The clear, heat-resistant glass globe and rugged wire guard extends fixture life. Designed for use with 150V supply wire, the fixtures can be direct mounted to walls, ceilings or structural members because no separate outlet box is required. Appleton
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Lighting is designed for mainstream and design-build

The Steelform family of steel linear lighting systems offers a range of affordable options for mainstream and design-build lighting projects. The product lineup includes the Soleo, Venza and In-Cove product series, each available with a wide range of T8 and T5 HO fluorescent lamp options. In addition to white, color choices for the Soleo and Venza include a natural steel finish plus translucent end caps available in seven different colors. Ledalite
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Factory sealed pushbuttons eliminate need for sealing

These EFDB push buttons are engineered to meet the code and application requirements of locations where flammable vapors, gasses or highly combustible dusts are present. Used in conjunction with contactors or magnetic starters for remote control of motors, the 10A, 600V push buttons provide circuit control in chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries and other classified areas. Appleton
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Method creates lightweight, inexpensive reels

The Reel Options method of building reels is said to save customers at least 20%. The method uses diverse, low-cost materials to create strong, lightweight inexpensive reels that ship well, print well and are recyclable. Vandor Corp.
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Multi-purpose hand tools cut, crimp and strip

These four multi-purpose hand tools feature wire strippers, cutters and multiple crimping options. The tools are capable of crimping insulated terminals and splices on 10 through 22 AWG wire. PVC grips provide cushioning. Tyco Electronics
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Nonmetallic lighting fixture is suitable for hazardous locations

The FV Series of nonmetallic fluorescent fixtures is designed to provide bright lighting, easy maintenance and a long service life in hazardous and highly corrosive locations. Applications include oil refineries and food-processing plants. Appleton
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Crimping tool will crimp in two combinations

The handheld pneumatic crimping tool for closed end connectors is portable, capable of being suspended on the production line or used within a unit as it is being built. It is available as a purchase or on a lease option. The double-die set will crimp closed end connectors in two configurations: 22-18 and 16-14 or 16-14 and 12-10 AWG. Hoffman Products
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Clamp meter comes with new lock-jaw feature

The analog AC clamp meter measures AC current, AC voltage, DC voltage and resistance. To ensure that measurements are properly taken, the meter features the Lock-Jaw clamp design. The jaw only opens when the meter is set to measure current and remains shut when the control dial is set to voltage or resistance. The lock-jaw clamp design accommodates clamping around one 750 MCM or two 350 MCM cables, allowing it to be used to measure current draw through single conductor wires. Gardner Bender
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Cable suits tough-flexing and reeling applications

The SDN Control Cable-Type TC is a power and control tray cable rated at 90°C/600V. The cable is designed for use in open air, raceway, conduit or direct-burial applications. It's best for tough flexing and reeling. American Insulated Wire Corp.
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Sloped-ceiling recessed lighting fixture features socket aiming

This sloped-ceiling recessed lighting fixture features the H645IC Allslope IC Air-Tite housing, which is designed for sloped ceiling applications with a pitch from 10 deg. to 45 deg. The lamp aims straight down regardless of the ceiling pitch. Cooper Lighting
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Automatic threading machine offers faster threading speeds

The Ridgid 535 automatic threading machine with 2-inch capacity is said to offer the highest productivity in a portable shop machine. It features a 2-hp induction motor and a three-speed transmission for increased productivity. Ridge Tool Co.
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Power conditioner simplifies DC source training

The FEL Series Power Conditioner can provide operation down to 0.2V without derating the current or requiring a “booster” power supply. The series is equipped with standard GPIB and RS232 interfaces, which allow the user to control the instrument through a PC. The series offers four main operating modes, a 99 point programming for dynamic load profiling, 256 points of recording and printing capability, four transient testing modes, improved EMI and EMC immunity and external analog control. American Reliance Inc.
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Hammer drills feature depth gauge for accurate drilling

The SBE660 and SBE750 ½-inch hammer drills are equipped with long-lasting motors and a “goose” neck depth gauge for accurate drilling. The long-lasting motor includes special winding protection, making it resistant to dust and debris from drilling. The epoxy resin powder coating on the field coil helps prevent overheating of the motor under heavy loads. Metabo Corp.
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Modular jacks feature integrated magnetics

The HyperJack shielded RJ45 modjacks feature integrated magnetics, capacitors and resistors, which means mounting fewer components on the motherboard. They are best for high-speed networking applications, including Network Interface Card (NIC) and network PCs that have integrated Ethernet ports on the main boards. The magnetics or wirewound components in these modjacks reduce common mode noise and enable DC insulation of the cable side versus the board side. The capacitors/resistors terminate noise from the non-used pairs. Molex
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