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Cable anchoring tool saves time and money The StrapGun is said to provide significant time and cost savings over traditional wire-anchoring methods. Said to fasten 3 times faster than hammer-in staples, the tool gives contractors an alternative method for installing 12/2 AWG and 14/2 AWG nonmetallic sheathed cable with one hand. A guide system properly positions the tool over the cable, eliminating

Cable anchoring tool saves time and money

The StrapGun is said to provide significant time and cost savings over traditional wire-anchoring methods. Said to fasten 3½ times faster than hammer-in staples, the tool gives contractors an alternative method for installing 12/2 AWG and 14/2 AWG nonmetallic sheathed cable with one hand. A guide system properly positions the tool over the cable, eliminating the risk of pinching or cutting the cable. The plastic insulator provides a built-in depth stop for the staple ensuring the insulator is all that touches the cable. Powerfast
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Brochure features work lights and reels

This brochure features Luma-Site work lights and retractable reels. The six-page brochure contains information on lines of fluorescent lights, retractable reels and trouble lights. Coleman Cable
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Tester automatically measures AC and DC voltage

The GVC-1000 Volt Check tester automatically measures AC and DC voltage, DC polarity and continuity without adjusting any dials. The built-in noncontact sensing head automatically detects AC voltage without touching live wires. Constructed of impact-resistant ABS plastic, the tester features over-molded rubberized housing designed for comfort and slip resistance. Soft-grip heavy-duty probes snap into the back of the housing for handy storage. The instrument also features audible and visual indicators for added reliability. GB Instruments
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Ballast family now include 347V model

The C242/347 electronic ballast line has been expanded to include a 347V model for new fixtures or replacement retrofits in high-wattage applications. The product is designed for flexibility in downlighting, architectural and outdoor applications. The product features an auto-reset shutdown circuit for lamp-end life protection and programmed starting for maximum lamp life. Bottom exit versions fit easily on any junction wiring box, with or without integral mounting studs. Side exit connector models are also available for wall sconces, surface mount and other decorative fixtures. Also available are compact fluorescent ballasts for 13W to 42W. MagneTek
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Terminal blocks provide complete solution

The V7-W terminal block line includes a broad assortment of terminal types for most circuits and functions from control to low-level power. Their compact design allows for very dense installations — up to 61 terminals on as little as 12 inches of DIN-rail. For specialty feed-through terminals offering multiple applications, this can mean up to 120 terminations per foot. Dense installations significantly reduce panel space and costs. The series suits most industrial applications, including those that demand the most varied circuit requirements. Feed-through terminals are also offered. Sprecher + Schuh
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Luminaire weathers vandals inside and outside

The Terrapin Series of all-weather vandal-resistant luminaries combine aesthetics and strength to suit interior and exterior applications, including corporate campuses, urban housing and mass-transit centers. The luminaire's versatility also makes suitable for dorms, showers and walkways. The fixture can be wall or ceiling mounted. Cooper Lighting
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Motor controls prevent accidental motor startup

The Sensing-Safti-Gard motor controls help users achieve higher levels of safety by preventing accidental machine start-up after voltage drops or power interruption. The guards are for use with equipment driven by small motors. McGill
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Job chests secure tools and equipment

The Jobmaster and Storagemaster chests provide job-site protection of tools and equipment. The chests feature a patented lock system to secure valuables. The Watchman IV lock systems uses a single padlock to secure a dead bolt latch. Knaack Mfg.
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Fluorescent fixtures endure rough treatment

The VSL series of enclosed linear fluorescent fixtures are built to endure physical assault and long years of maintenance abuse. The fixtures are best for locker rooms, showers, workshops, utility areas and other public-access settings. Lithonia Lighting
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Enclosure seal offers high capacity

The Rox Gland M63 represents a new generation of enclosure seals with improved capacity; up to nine cables can be sealed through a 2.5-inch opening. The design allows pre-terminated cables to pass through without cutting and reattaching connectors. The Multi-Diameter technology of the M63 allows future cables to be added. The M63 meets UL/NEMA 4, 4x, 12, and 13. Roxtec
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Heavy duty auger drill bits come in two lengths

A line of heavy-duty Ship Auger drill bits are available in 7.5-inch and 18-inch lengths and in a wide variety of diameters. They easily accommodate a full range of wood-boring needs. A single spur at the tip ensures a smooth finish, by scribing the hole first, to a coarse screw point that speeds boring by drawing the bit into the hole. L.S. Starrett
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UPS provides more power in space-constrained rack

The new UPS R1500 XR is a high-power density uninterruptible power system (UPS) solution, designed for customers who want to provide power protection in space-constrained rack enterprise environments. The UPS is said to provide up to 33% more true power than units with a similar VA rating. The UPS can manage up to two optional battery Extended Runtime Modules (ERM). The product communicates with additional servers as well as SNMP available through an optional Six Port Card and SNMP/Serial Port Card. Enhanced Battery Management doubles battery service life. Compaq
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Whole-house lighting control system raises and lowers levels

The RadioRa wireless whole-house lighting control system uses wireless radio frequency technology to provide one-touch control of lighting without rewiring. Installation involves replacing existing switches and adding master controls. Lutron
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Hospital-grade surge protector offers wiring options

This line of industrial and hospital grade surge protective receptacles now feature back and side wiring options for more flexible, speedy installation. The Decora-styled receptacles provide hard-wired, point-of-use surge protection. Leviton
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Software makes safety signs for the job site

The MaxiSoft MaxiSigns99 safety and facility sign-making programs work on all versions of Windows. The software makes it easy and inexpensive to design and print safety and facility signs and tags in-house using a PC, ink jet or laser printer and new UV-protective lamination films. It allows any manufacturing facility, hospital, schools, lab or job site to make OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety signs, on demand, for immediate personnel warning and protection. The sign-making program includes a library of 330 standard safety symbols including the NFPA Diamond and more than 2,000 pre-formatted ANSI compliant safety signs. The progam also allows for the user to customize sign headers, text and pictographs. The preformatted safety signs come in English, Spanish or bilingual. More than 17 sizes are available. K-Sun
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Conduit support devices attaches to strut systems

The Strutcatcher2 product accessory has been added to the manufacturer's Clic line of conduit supports and cable-management systems. The unit is used for attaching the conduit supports to most strut systems. Made from Nylon 6, the device installs easily in light-duty applications. Litchfield International
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