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Dual-strobe device provides two stages of notification The SpectrAlert dual-strobe series provides two stages of notification for life safety for security, evacuation, tornado alerts and other emergencies. The series is UL 1638 listed and can be customized. Housings are available in red or white; strobes in a variety of colors. System SensorCircle 252 on Reader Service Card Connector provides reliable

Dual-strobe device provides two stages of notification

The SpectrAlert dual-strobe series provides two stages of notification for life safety for security, evacuation, tornado alerts and other emergencies. The series is UL 1638 listed and can be customized. Housings are available in red or white; strobes in a variety of colors. System Sensor
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Connector provides reliable interconnections

The Series SQS connector provides reliable interconnections for wire-to-inflator circuits. The connector design is based on VDA standard inflator specifications. The two-position connectors are rated 3A AC/DC (16V AC/DC) on a 3.1 mm (0.122-in.) pitch. J.S.T. Corp.
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Digging equipment attachment improves trenching work

The Ditch Witch Model H514 hydraulically traversing digging attachment for the Model 5700 trencher improves the trencher's reliability and productivity. A sealed Eaton motor and bearings and head shaft eliminate the need to pre-load the bearings. The Charles Machines Works
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Products take the sting out of summer

This range of insecticides include the Bee Blast wasp and hornet killer, with a high-output 22-ft jet blast that soaks insects and knocks them out of their nests. The fast-acting formula kills on contact, yet is plastic safe. Also offered are the Wasp & Hornet Plus insecticide, Double Strength insect repellent and the SunSwipe sunscreen towelette. CRC Industries
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Transfer system provides easy generator integration

This soft load transfer system uses proprietary technology to provide a “virtually seamless” integration between on-site generators and the utility grid. Serving as an interconnect device, the system is especially advantageous in distributed generation applications, because it creates a gradual power shift as loads are switched from one power source to another, thereby facilitating peak shaving and sharing, net metering and power resale to the utility. ASCO
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Fiber-optic power meter tests any FO network

The DM300 high-performance fiber-optic power meter comes in a portable handheld package. The instrument can be used to measure optical power or loss in any fiber-optic network or for testing fiber-optic components. The meter can be ordered with either of two detectors, silicon or germanium, with measurement ranges in wavelength from 400nm to 1,000nm or 850nm to 1,650nm, respectively. Fotec
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Thermometer measures surface temperature

The Model 4252F thermometer measures non-contact surface temperature with a 1-deg resolution. The fixed emissivity of 0.95 accommodates 90% of surface applications. Features include large LCD display, narrow field of view and automatic data hold. The instrument is best for measuring the temperature of objects that are difficult to reach or unsafe to touch. It comes complete with a 9V battery. Extech Instruments
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Fiberglass safety enclosures deflect arcs and sparks

The TRG series of fiberglass increased safety enclosures provide explosion protection by preventing the possibility of excessive heat and the occurrence of an arc or spark from the terminal blocks installed. The enclosures offer protection by maintaining secure connections. Adalet
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Floodlight fixtures are for hazardous areas

This full line of floodlights for industrial applications is suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. The floodlights come in a variety of sizes, wattages and mounting styles to fit all industrial lighting needs. They come in three distinct lines. Cooper/Crouse Hinds
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Recessed downlighting fixtures look sharp

The Varanti and Focus adjustable and fixed recessed downlights with coordinating trims provide illumination for a range of upscale residential environments. The Varanti is best suited for accenting architectural features; the Focus is best for recessed indoor lighting. Ardee Lighting
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Pendant-style switches weather the elements

Offered in two-, four- and six-button models featuring one or two speeds, these pendant pushbutton switches cover a wide range of industrial applications. The switches are especially effective in wet locations, due to their weather-tight neoprene enclosures. McGill
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Channel framing comes in every strut style

A complete line of Eristrut channel framing is available in every strut style for almost every application, including half slot, full slot, punched, back-to-back and knockout. The product is available in several finishes. Also offered are clamps, hangers and fittings to support from strut. Erico
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Software program allows remote job tracking

The Jobclock is a hardware and software package that allows remote job time and attendance tracking. The heart of the Jobclock system is a small, construction-grade time clock that can be affixed and left at the job site. Because it is weatherproof, tamper-proof and battery-powered, it is entirely self-contained. Employees clock in and out via miniature buttons designed to be carried on their keychains. Exaktime Inc
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Software makes safety signs for the job site

The MaxiSoft MaxiSigns99 safety and facility sign-making programs work on all versions of Windows. The software makes it easy and inexpensive to design and print safety and facility signs and tags in-house using a PC, ink jet or laser printer and new UV-protective lamination films. It allows any manufacturing facility, hospital, school, lab or job site to make OSHA and ANSI-compliant safety signs. K-Sun
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Wire mesh cable tray can be cut to feet and inches

The Ameri-Tray wire mesh cable tray system is manufactured to feet and inch dimensions, solving the problem of converting tray requirements from metric. The manufacturer said it's a problem contractors who install metric cable tray constantly confront. Triangle Electrical Products
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UPS line provides total power protection

The Pinnacle family of double conversion UPS systems is designed to provide total power protection for communication networks. The UPS provides clean, reliable power for various applications using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, offering pure, sine wave power to critical equipment with zero transfer time. Alpha Technologies
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