Branch Circuit Voltage Limitations

In dwelling units, the voltage between conductors that supply the terminals of _____ shall not exceed 120V, nominal.

a) luminaires
b) cord-and-plug-connected loads of 1,440VA or less
c) cord-and-plug-connected loads of more than 1/4 HP
d) both a and b

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: d) both a and b

Article 210 covers the requirements for branch circuits. Section 210.6 outlines the voltage limitations for branch circuits. As noted in 210.6(A)(1) and (2), "In dwelling units and guest rooms or guest suites of hotels, motels, and similar occupancies, the voltage shall not exceed 120V, nominal, between conductors that supply the terminals of luminaires and cord-and-plug-connected loads 1,440VA, nominal, or less than 1/4 HP."

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