Conductor Clearance From Building

If a set of 120/240V overhead feeder conductors terminates at a through-the-roof raceway or approved support, with less than 6 ft of these conductors passing over the roof overhang, the minimum clearance above the roof for these conductors is _____.

a) 12 in.
b) 18 in.
c) 2 ft
d) 5 ft

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: b) 18 in.

Article 225 covers requirements for outside branch circuits and feeders. Section 225.19 outlines the clearance requirements from buildings for conductors 600V and less, nominal. As per 225.19(A), Exception No. 3, "Where the voltage between conductors does not exceed 300, a reduction in clearance above only the overhanging portion of the roof to not less than 18 in. shall be permitted if more than 6 ft of the conductors, 4 ft horizontally, pass above the roof overhang and they are terminated at a through-the-roof raceway or approved support."


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