IT Cables Under Raised Floors

Interconnecting cables under raised floors that support information technology equipment shall be Type _____.

a) RF
b) UF
c) LS
d) DP

See answer and applicable Code reference

The correct answer is: d) DP

Article 645 covers equipment, power-supply wiring, equipment interconnecting wiring, and grounding of IT equipment and systems in an IT equipment room. Section 645.5 outlines the requirements for supply circuits and interconnecting cables. As noted in the first sentence of Sec. 645.5(E)(6), "Cables, other than those covered in (E)(2) and (E)(3), and those complying with (E)(6)(a) or (E)(6)(b), shall be listed as Type DP cable having adequate fire-resistant characteristics suitable for use under raised floors of an information technology equipment room."


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